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See attached screenshot.

Problem: After a morning of normal operations, the Spread Betting platform started failing consistently with a "STOP TOO CLOSE" error.

I haven't been able to operate for a couple of hours. On any type of deal (sell or buy) I got the error below. In the screenshot the minimum stop was 12pt, my stop was 35 (35 >> 12). Even larger stops would fail in the same way.

I tried for several hours, tried reloading the browser. Eventually this morning after this stopped happening.

How can I avoid this in future?

Screenshot 2020-03-10 at 15.23.13.png

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Guest SoftC

Getting the same here often too, Primiano.

It tells me minimum stop is 52 points at the moment on the SP500, but I have to go out to 200 or more  to get the trade through.  And by the time I find out how far to go out with the stop I've missed my **** entry.

I understand why it has to widen when volatility is high,  but IG, please short this out. 

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