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IG FOREX has really big problems

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Guy watch the videos are you having the same problems on the IG FOREX .   They took just my more then 400 usd with their problems . and i am wating them to cover the lost .

They did the problem with purpose to lost money.
i couldn't close my open position it is unbelievable.
 Also their stoplost is not working. that is ****.   Just watch the video and see it 


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On 23/03/2020 at 23:34, LimeHap said:

i have replied to you as comments on your videos lemme know what you think i am also in the process of opening an account with ig but so far the only thing i notice is the customer service sucks no one approved my account until now...

Yes     .  Unfortunetly it is .  Their customer service is just suck.   If you would like ,  just contact with me for more information from the mail  ercbakir@gmail.com   i will explain you 

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