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MT4 not showing candles

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I created a demo account and set up a new mt4 installation.For most of the pairs the candles are not rendering. Instead they are showing as straight along the time axis.However, the chart is showing historical candles up to 19th March for GBP/USD. After that there are no candles. It looks like all the candles have been flattened and laid on the time axis as a green line as shown in attachement. 

Can advise on how to get this working as normal

Chart with data.JPG

No Candle Charts.JPG

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Warning! I am very non technical old ****.

I had similar trouble the other day. I think that there may have been a trouble with the demo a/c feed. I cured it by going to charts/[properties window. Look at the scale fix parameters. They are probably showing numbers some way from the actual range required. Play with them. As i remember I ticked the two boxes and adjusted the min max to sensible limits and pressed OK. Hope this helps

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6 minutes ago, Pilulae said:

Warning! I am very non technical old ****.

I had similar trouble the other day. I think that there may have been a trouble with the demo a/c feed. I cured it by going to charts/[properties window. Look at the scale fix parameters. They are probably showing numbers some way from the actual range required. Play with them. As i remember I ticked the two boxes and adjusted the min max to sensible limits and pressed OK. Hope this helps

Hi, if you right click on the chart Properties > Common > then unclick Scale fix then ok the candles will be returned to within the chart boarders, you can then go back and click Scale fix which will allow you to move the candles around but then again after a period of time you may find the candles have gone outside the boarders.


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Use your cursor tool to determine the exact date and time of the huge spike bar. I found mine was 2020.03.23 10:44. From the file menu at top, navigate to Tools - History centre - Then find the mkt you're having the problem with eg EURUSD is under S-Forex-1-GBP so click on S-Forex-1-GBP, then navigate down to EURUSD(£), then click on to highlight 1Minute (M1). After the right side window populates with data (may take some time but WAIT), then scroll down to the Date and Time that you'd noted before (2020.03.23 10:44 in my case). Check to see whether the OHLC data appears to be 'corrupted' ie the values SHOULD be similar to those minutes before and after. Click on that data line to select it and then click 'edit' below. A window will pop up (eventually). Mine had the decimal point for the High in the wrong place and the close value was also a bit too high. After correcting the decimal point and adjusting the value of the Close to the same as the Low, click 'OK' then wait for the window to close and close all windows. Your chart should have 'normalised'. However, all of this was due to corrupted and 'missing' data (there was no data from Fridays (20th) close till ~10:15 Monday (23rd) morning). Therefore, there will always be a 'gap' in your data and therefore in your charts which you should bear in mind when backtesting etc. I don't have MT4 'live' account so don't know whether the 'live' data was similarly affected but suspect it would have been reported and fixed relatively quickly, if not immediately, whereas demo account data is not so important (to IG). If you have a live MT4 account or know anyone that has and is willing to spend the time to help you, they can follow the above steps until 'edit' and select 'Export' instead. A 'csv' data file is created which can then be sent to you and imported to your platform using the 'Import' selection. Hope this helps.

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Hi Mega

..found that v useful and can see where the error is however when i adjust prices like you described.. ie change dec point to correct after i press ok ...waited and waited and nothing happens ?


appears as if the change wont allow me to make the changes...waited over 5 mins and still it didn't change ??


Any further help would be useful




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