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Tiered Margining

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Can IG please tell me what the tiered margin would be when I open a trade?


I can see it when I'm not in the tiers, but when I go over the first tier, all I see is "subject to tiered margining".

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  Hi guys. You do make a great point, unfortunately our platform was designed a number of years ago and as the margins have advanced the deal ticket has been difficult to update. We're currently working to make improvements to the platform and hopefully in the near future you'll be able to see exactly how much margin would be required for a trade even if the trade size puts you into tiers. 


Enjoy your weekend!

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 I'm not sure my pot is larger than yours, its more that I am foolish enough to trade in illiquid stocks where the tier kicks in pretty much immediately :smileyhappy:

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    • Hi Guys, Quick and short question.  I want to purchase gold and hold it for the long term and not look at it for some time, maybe even years. Is doing this in spot trading possible? I just want to be able to purchase it and hold it in my account like you would physically but on IG and online as its safer of course than storing gold in your home like Smaug.    Bests.
    • Thanks for the input,  The issue is being resolved.  IG took a position Twice.  Remedy is imminent.
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