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Short selling indices

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Hey everyone, as you're aware there are some issues short selling indices/ stock because the country have prevented short selling. Here's an update on what's going on: 



·       Overview: 1 month short selling ban on all stocks

·       Period: 19th March 2020 – 18th April 2020

·       Announcement: https://www.fma.gv.at/download.php?d=4337



·       Overview: 1 month net short selling ban on all stocks

·       Period: 18th March 2020 – 17th April 2020

·       Announcement: https://www.fsma.be/en/news/prohibition-short-selling



·       Overview: 1 month net short selling ban on all stocks

·       Period: 18th March 2020 – 16th April 2020

·       Announcement: https://www.amf-france.org/en/news-publications/news-releases/amf-news-releases/amf-announces-short-selling-ban-one-month



·       Overview: 5 week net short selling ban on all stocks

·       Period: 18th March 2020 – 24th April 2020

·       Announcement: http://www.hcmc.gr/en_US/web/portal/elib/press



·       Overview: 3 month net short selling ban on 240 stocks

·       Period: 18th March 2020 – 18th June 2020

·       Announcement: https://www.esma.europa.eu/press-news/esma-news/esma-issues-positive-opinion-short-selling-ban-italian-consob-1



·       Overview: 1 month net short selling ban on all stocks

·       Period: 17th March 2020 – 17th April 2020

Announcement: https://www.cnmv.es/portal/verDoc.axd?t=%7b5baf609e-ed4e-4dad-a697-80c55548e181%7d

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1 minute ago, TerryC said:

Does this include the US ? If not do you think it might in the near future? 


The US indices have been impacted by limit up/ down suspensions (when the market moves too fast and the market has to suspend for a while). 

There hasn't been mention of this happening with us stocks/ indices yet. 

All the best. 

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