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Closed Positions

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Hi guys,

I am fairly new to IG and learning about this and as my question is tied into 'closed positions' so I hope you do not mind me pigging backing off the back of this question.

Three times I have tried to close out positions and three times I continuously get an error has occurred?

Thankfully it is a demo account but I try to visualise it as real money.

Please could anyone explain why this keeps happening?

Thank you 

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13 hours ago, Beginner100 said:

Hi all,

Just following that question could someone please explain what "we cannot progress with this trade due to price movements" means please?

Again apologises if it is a daft question as I am new to this.


Best regards

Hi, it's just saying that price has moved quickly and is now outside the tolerance for acceptance at the original quote and you need to obtain a requote by pressing  buy or sell again.

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