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  1. Resolved, Unsure why but my first search for this error showed me nada. Issue is Expiry date. CFDs: - spreads: DFB Request: { "epic": "IX.D.DAX.DAILY.IP", "expiry": "DFB", "direction": "BUY", "size": "3.0", "orderType": "MARKET", "timeInForce": null, "level": null, "guaranteedStop": "false", "stopLevel": null, "stopDistance": "4", "trailingStop": "true", "trailingStopIncrement": "1", "forceOpen": "true", "limitLevel": null, "limitDistance": null, "quoteId": null, "currencyCode": "GBP" }
  2. This could be a user error but cant find anything, Im trying to open a bet spread position using the API companion and watching it via a lightstreamer. I can create the position correctly on the API companion however the position is REJECTED instantly with "REJECT_CFD_ORDER_ON_SPREADBET_ACCOUNT". This is on a DEMO account. I have double checked, using a bet spread account and as far as i can tell this is a bet spread epic, i can make the exact same trade on the exact same epic on the IG dashboard, checked by making the trade on the browser and using the API to check position which showed same epic. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Endpoint: /positions/otc Request: { "epic": "IX.D.DAX.DAILY.IP", "expiry": "-", "direction": "BUY", "size": "3.0", "orderType": "MARKET", "timeInForce": null, "level": null, "guaranteedStop": "false", "stopLevel": null, "stopDistance": "4", "trailingStop": "true", "trailingStopIncrement": "1", "forceOpen": "true", "limitLevel": null, "limitDistance": null, "quoteId": null, "currencyCode": "GBP" } Response: HTTP 200 status: success { "dealReference": "TRX24QSK778TYPH" } Lightstreamer: 2021-08-17 14:24:47,525 | INFO | service:lightStream_callback | {'pos': 1, 'sub_id': 1, 'name': 'TRADE:XXXXX', 'values': {'CONFIRMS': '{"direction":"BUY","epic":"IX.D.DAX.DAILY.IP","stopLevel":null,"limitLevel":null,"dealReference":"TRX24QSK778TYPH","dealId":"DIAAAAF9EVKEHAT","limitDistance":null,"stopDistance":null,"expiry":null,"affectedDeals":[],"dealStatus":"REJECTED","guaranteedStop":false,"trailingStop":false,"level":null,"reason":"REJECT_CFD_ORDER_ON_SPREADBET_ACCOUNT","status":null,"size":null,"profit":null,"profitCurrency":null,"date":"2021-08-17T14:24:47.476","channel":"PublicRestOTC"}', 'OPU': None, 'WOU': None}}
  3. Thanks ArturCz, was thinking i was missing something. Since then I have been trying and same issue of not being able to create more than 1 APi key or have more than 1 enabled. This kind of defeats the purpose i have. hopefully someone has better insight.
  4. Im having trouble with the API key generation, it appears i cant have more than 1 key enabled in either live or demo. If i try create an API key with one enabled it throws an error. I cant find anything about this limitation other than it's stated mutiple places you need one Key per app, but cant have more than 1 key on an account. Whats going on?
  5. Im having the same issue currently, it seems like if i have a key already enabled i cant create a new one, I also cant seem to enable more than 1 key for some reason. Cant find where this is stated, as they state you need 1 key per application, but can only use 1 key...
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