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  1. This is fixed now for me in the API companion. I can list accounts and change account. Julian
  2. Get accounts is still not working for me on demo (i.e. using the API companion)
  3. Same problem with me. It also occurs if you use the API companion. I also cannot switch accounts.
  4. Answering my own question ... I had misunderstood how this is meant to work. I assumed that when data was available for a new timestamp, that meant the candle was complete. However, this is not how it works and, of course, not how it works with the online charts. When one candle is complete, price data is immediately available for the next candle even if it is still in progress. Therefore, what I was seeing was a snapshot at a number of seconds into a new candle. Naturally, this data would not be complete and correct until the next candle had started. Julian
  5. In my Python app I submit a /markets GET request for the Epic code. This returns the bid and offer prices, along with lot_size and margin requirement. I am assuming by "spend exactly 1000" you mean commit that much margin (I am mainly familiar with spread betting and CFDs). I calculate my order size by: cash / price / margin / lot_size So, if I have £1,000 available for margin on a CFD, the price is 7,500, the margin 5% and the lot size £2 per point, that means I need to open a position for £1.33 per point. Of course, the price may have changed marginally in the fraction of a second between fetching the price, doing the calculation and opening the position, but it's close enough for me. Julian
  6. I am fetching 1min prices with an app every minute. I noticed that sometimes, my saved prices didn't match the online chart. Investigating further, it seems if you get the latest 1min price, and then get it again a few minutes later, it's slightly different. It is the same from the online API Companion. Here is a price retrieved from the Companion at 14:19 today, followed by the same data retrieved a few minutes later. You can see that the closing and high prices are different, and also the volume. (This is Epic: IX.D.FTSE.IFM.IP) Is this a predictable behaviour? How long do I need to wait before the price settles down to its final value? Thanks, Julian { "snapshotTime": "2020/05/07 14:19:00", "snapshotTimeUTC": "2020-05-07T13:19:00", "openPrice": { "bid": 5911.3, "ask": 5912.3, "lastTraded": null }, "closePrice": { "bid": 5912.3, "ask": 5913.3, "lastTraded": null }, "highPrice": { "bid": 5912.3, "ask": 5913.3, "lastTraded": null }, "lowPrice": { "bid": 5911.3, "ask": 5912.3, "lastTraded": null }, "lastTradedVolume": 10 }] } Retrieved at 14:30. { "snapshotTime": "2020/05/07 14:19:00", "snapshotTimeUTC": "2020-05-07T13:19:00", "openPrice": { "bid": 5911.3, "ask": 5912.3, "lastTraded": null }, "closePrice": { "bid": 5911.8, "ask": 5912.8, "lastTraded": null }, "highPrice": { "bid": 5913.3, "ask": 5914.3, "lastTraded": null }, "lowPrice": { "bid": 5911.3, "ask": 5912.3, "lastTraded": null }, "lastTradedVolume": 45 }
  7. I think you need to leave the Epic blank. There reference page says: [Constraint: Set only one of {dealId,epic}] See https://labs.ig.com/rest-trading-api-reference/service-detail?id=542 Also, I'm not sure about the SELL. I've a feeling that I have had to use the same direction as my original trade, but I couldn't be 100% sure. It's worth checking. Julian
  8. Is there a maximum size for the epic code in the API? I have seen in IG a code like "IX.D.FTSE.IFM.IP" but I need the max length for a database field. Many thanks, Julian
  9. I am using the web interface. I have been investigating Heikin-Ashi candlesticks, which look great. However, it appears that indicators like CCI, MACD, RSI and Stochastics change when you switch from standard candlesticks to H-A. Surely the indicators have their definitions which are based on actual OHLC, and shouldn't be calculated based on H-A OHLC? H-A is a smoothing mechanism, not a different way to define prices. Julian
  10. IG documentation says that overnight charges are applicable to daily funded bets and cash CFD positions (https://www.ig.com/uk/charges). Is there any easy way of checking the charge, or the fee percentage when I'm placing the deal? The app and the web page show the margin requirement but it would be useful to have this too. Thanks
  11. I have a share on the web platform that is in a market not currently open (LDL - Lydall). It shows Sell 2027, Buy 2033. I can create an order at price level 2033 with a stop one point away (at 2032). However, in the app when I create the order, it can be a limit order at 2032, or a stop order at 2034. It will not allow me to place an order at 2033 like the web platform. Why the difference? Thanks, Julian
  12. If I close a long position manually, does it get closed at market price or offer price? Thanks.