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  1. Yes please make MFA optional - not mandatory. Not all Brokers have this yet. One of my now former brokers use the national public MFA, and I really felt the "two points of failure" more than once. Where the authenticator then denied me any access to my platform. Not funny at all when in a trade, lucky they had a fast direct line to the tradingfloor.
  2. For the ones saying many brokers are on TW, isnt totally true. Most just have Forex pairs. So if IG goes for more than Forex it takes time, but concidering that IG is mostly CFD based, its internal data and jsut need the execution to run trough a TW chart and a link. Well if Pro Real Time can do it TW can too. BTW im happy with Pro Real Time, they have developed a lot of tools, some are better that TW, some aren so userfriendly. Overall look and feel trading my stationary with screen tempaltes and all im more happy about PRT. What i do need though is a way to watch my trades afay from the desk, on multible platfiorms like TW. I need to buy a laptop, PRT doesnt provide any useful app. And trades executed trough IG Native platform, doesnt show up in my PRT tradinglog and statistics. Cant have it all. But in my situation trading index CFDs i will never come back to TW. A tweaked PRT without the standard theme looks way better, totally crisp and not blurry like TW at all, and perfect when using different themes on multiple screens. Trading stocks, i might use PRT as well and stay with it. They haveso much new user requests in pipeline. Happy trading folks...
  3. I highly recommend to use Pro Real Time with IG, its way more advanced, but intuitive to use. I came to IG because they where a popularbroker to the Pro Real Time platform. Its possible to make the layout look almost better than TradingView, and you can ofcourse lay multible charts on top of each other with just a rightclick on the graph, enjoy autocharting and many other features.... free when trading 4 times + a month. But it needs some adjusting to the graph before use. 😉 If you want to use Pro Real Time, then dont activate it from IG, email PRT so you get the Premium edition for free. Version 12 soon to be relased has a ton of updates, like graph replay like in TW, and many more tools that people ask for. The autotrading tool can be used to autotrade or test strategies if you like to nerd.
  4. SMILLER I started out in Tradinview as well and i loved it, and wanted to trade from it directly. Most brokers connected to Tradingview they only privide some forex instruments, capital they provide a few CFD stocks. Now I am using the popular upcoming ProRealTime. By tweaking the default theme you can have it look way better than out of the box, even way better than TW. Then you can trade from the portfolio graph with your tools. I dont trade stocks at IG, just index with CFDs. If you sign up with Pro real time, you get the premium, if you open the default PRT in IG now, you "just" get the complete version. Contact PRT and ask how to proceed for getting the Premium. 4 trades a month and PRT is free. Think it over.
  5. Hi im using IG as a broker via Pro Real Time, because of the large amount of tools, look and feel, options and setting. But PRT dont provide any well designed trading Journal and neither does IG native platform. Would IG please consider one of these options?: Develop and provide a well designed modern tradinglog? Work with a 3rd part Tradinglog provider, making manual or automated export possible? Yes that might cost a bit, but a lot of clients are manually typing in log data in Excel or some of the internet based Journal providers MANUALLY. Every new trader is told to keep a tight trading journal, even in your training lessons and why not use the data that you guys already store? I love to trade with IG, but a lot of brokers does arrange this and i rather stay here than move to another broker. If i can reccomend one or two it will be Edgewonk, that supports IG Forex only for now. They are working on it, so why not make a deal and help both them and IG clients, ny giving them a helping hand. Edgewonk even support uploading 6 screenshots per trade. An alterntive could be TraderSync but they are more expensive. Thank you in advance.
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