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  1. I've just installed Pro Realtime charts (Demo) and as soon as I click the mouse on a chart the horizontal scroll bar starts moving and the date increases, eventually it stops and resizes on the last single price movement, but that's all you can see. If I move the chart it scrolls again. I've seen it go up to 2027 so far! Can anyone help? Is it a setting somewhere? Video.mov
  2. Camarilla pivots would be great and probably a quick win to add.
  3. Hi, Sorry for the delayed response. I'm getting this issue across multiple stocks, within both a live ISA and a demo spreadbetting account. I only tend to look at the US markets so unclear if occurs on any other. Thanks
  4. Found this after a further search, assuming same issue.
  5. Hi - My volume indicator on the web platform has stopped updating. In Chrome and Edge. I have to keep pressing f5 to refresh the page to get the data. Anyone seen this? Anyone know how to fix? Thanks in advance
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