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  1. MAJOR XAU/USD (GOLD VS US DOLLAR) UPDATE! We are 6 days away from May 7th, which is the ECM target and April has just concluded with a close ABOVE the monthly BREAKOUT LINE! This indicates that gold is READY for its commodity boom! #BUY BUY BUY Indicator (EA included): Breakout Lines MT5: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/97201 Breakout Lines MT4: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/80143
  2. Unless we close above both the breakline and resistance level this month, then gold could really take off!***
  3. Examining the monthly timeframe of gold, I observe that the price is nearing cyclical resistance. Currently, the price is also positioned above the breakline, and a close above this level by the end of the month will likely challenge the resistance level in the following month. 🚀
  4. Easy money! MIDAS Top-Finder accurately predicted the high. BTW, all my tools will be available for purchase (only $30) on MQL5.com next month!
  5. my bad, 1 more hour. Got the GMT mixed up.
  6. We are approaching a possible temporary high tomorrow 03/12. The trade cycle composite is highlighting 03/12 for an ideal high, and only 11% fuel remains in the uptrend. Lets see if these two align!
  7. Thank you! I am currently developing my own website Here you will be able to find all my tools, EAs, and everything trading related. Feel free to reach out on Telegram if you need help or advice! I aim to respond within 48 hours.
  8. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) once again released FALSE numbers (on NFP), to no surprise, as the US government constantly lies about everything. You can read more about the BLS false reports here: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/armstrongeconomics101/economics/bureau-of-labor-statistics-fabricated-one-third-of-newly-created-jobs-in-2023/ Regardless of the NFP/BLS BS reports, gold has droped to major support, which currently lies at 2029: highlighted by the lowest MIDAS Curve in the picture. This is the level price need to break before going any lower. This is also a good buying opportunity!
  9. Today is NFP ... and I think gold will rally, because of the migrants that are flooding the US. This should correlate to a lower NFP value. From a technical perspective, gold is setting up for a rally!
  10. Here is the latest version of the Trade Cycle Composite indicator v1.10 <---
  11. Potential buy on USD/JPY? Trade cycle composite high in alignment with cyclical resistance. Temporary high seems likely ? Supporting a high is the TD 9 Sell Setup that formed a few bears earlier.
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