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  1. seems.....doesnt matter where or how often you move stop ...market will find your stops its like a flashing beacon !
  2. Anyone noticed that wherever you place a stop .... market will always find it ...full control !?
  3. ...is it possible to have the older verion trading app back its way better ...is there a link ...somewhere ?
  4. Have found the ig video on this but the cost still seem ball park !
  5. Can anyone explain this day light or night time robbery !.?. was recently charged an adjustment of minus £180 on positions
  6. Changes to our margin rates and tiersWe regularly review our margin rates to ensure they accurately reflect current levels of market volatility and liquidity, as well as a number of other factors that can influence risk. We’ve conducted a review of our index, forex, commodity, interest rate and bond margins, to bring them in line with current market conditions. These changes will come into effect for both spread bets and CFDs on Saturday 16 February 2019. Please ensure you read our latest retail margin rates for both spread bets and CFDs carefully, as margin requirements for various markets will rise or fall. Also note that the tiering structure for various markets will change. This means that while initial margin rates may not change, your margin requirement could still increase due to a reduction in tier sizes. New margin rates for retail traders Asset Class Spread betting margin rates CFD margin rates Forex View PDF View PDF Indices View PDF View PDF Commodities View PDF View PDF Rates and bonds View PDF View PDF Other markets View PDF View PDF How will you be affected? If you have any open positions in affected markets on Saturday 16 February, the margin required to keep those positions open may rise. You’ll need to have enough money in your account to cover any increase and prevent your positions from being closed out. Please note that margin requirements for working orders will also be subject to the new margin rates. Changes to margin rates and tiers are the same for cash and futures CFDs and for daily funded and futures bets. For full details of how we calculate our margins, please visit our website .Please note that the changes also apply to positions opened via MT4.
  7. Recent email re goal posts moving yet again ! margin rates and tier costings increase ....does anyone have better explanation of how this works for the client . ( other than obvious squeeze to benefit IG ? )
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