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  1. I downloaded historical data from the US 500 via the API. I verified that the 320 data points I downloaded match the UI on the graph. When I calculate the EMA50 and EMA200 on my dataset correctly I get a different result to what is shown on the IG charts. I thought it may a precision difference that could cause the small difference I'm seeing but I checked that and that looks okay to me. I checked my dataset and it's clean without missing data. I'm doing my calculation in Python as follows: # Apply the exponential moving averages df_ta["ema50"] = df_ta["close"].ewm(span=50, adjust=False).mean() df_ta["ema200"] = df_ta["close"].ewm(span=200, adjust=False).mean() Just for interest sake I checked the SMA50 and SMA200 and they are an exact match. There is something strange about the EMA calculation on the charts. Does anyone know what it is?
  2. What are the trading hours for the US500 in the UK? On the website it says this: Normal Trading Hours: From 2.30pm to 9.30pm (7 hours) Pre-Market Trading Hours: From 9am to 2.30pm (5.5 hours) Post-Market Trading Hours: From 9pm to 1am (4 hours) IG Extended Hours: Monday to Thursday: From 12pm to 10.30pm (10.5 hours) Friday: From 12pm to 10pm (10 hours) I see I'm able to place trades earlier than 9am... 8am or even 7am. I also see through the API that candles are being created almost all through the night despite the market being closed. Can someone confirm the actual hours where trades can be placed from Monday to Friday? Does anyone know if there is any API endpoint that has the trading status of the market? I found something in one of the endpoints called "marketStatus", but I'm not sure if that is accurate. "snapshot": { "bid": 4746.68, "binaryOdds": null, "controlledRiskExtraSpread": 0.25, "decimalPlacesFactor": 2, "delayTime": 0, "high": 4763.45, "low": 4745.18, "marketStatus": "TRADEABLE", "netChange": -15.92, "offer": 4747.28, "percentageChange": -0.33, "scalingFactor": 1, "updateTime": "09:19:02" } Would this reflect holidays?
  3. I'm trying to authenticate with the IG API and having trouble. If I use my IG username and password for authentication to, "https://api.ig.com/gateway/deal/session" I get the following error message: error.public-api.failure.stockbroking-not-supported In the API settings section there is something called Web API at the bottom. If I set a username and password and use that I get the following error message: service.security.authentication.failure-client-documents-required Can someone please confirm which username and password should be used? It sounds like it may be the Web API but it's saying client documents required. I am pretty sure I've done this or I wouldn't have an account right?
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