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  1. First you have to get rid of the common 'knowledge' about trading. Like if the trend is up there is a more than 50% chance that it will continue - it will not Or technical analysis will help you - it will not. Or 'pattern A' shows that the price will continue up - it will not. Your best bet is to trade scarcely, try to enter at the beginning of the strong up/down trend, stay in awhile and set the win/loss ratio of the trade to at least 4:1. The Second chance is to enter short-term trade into a trend with great momentum and volume where it will be unlikely that someone will manage to reverse trade immediately after you enter, because people are eager to earn money. Move your stop to the entry point relatively fast. You will be stopped out many many times but you may manage to nail a couple of bigger winners. For that to materialize you have to be extremely picky in selecting trades and times of entry.
  2. Out of my long-term experience (in short-term FX) markets are not only random but much worse. If you think your statistical chances are 50/50 think twice. One will rarely have more than two winners in a row but will regularly have 5, 10 or even 15+ losses in a row. Go figure.
  3. Hi while I have found ways to be profitable by trading stocks (CFD), I (still) struggle to find profitable day trading FX tactics. Any suggestions/tactics you are willing to share that works for you? Thanks and have a nice day D
  4. If a retail (non-professional) account owner is short-selling a stock via CFD and applying a normal, non-guaranteed stop, what will happen if a force-majeure event happens? Since during short-selling stock price can go up infinitely, in case of a major unfavorable event that may prevent IG from triggering a normal stop, can the account holder be held responsible for the losses in excess of his/her deposit? Is he protected against the negative balance by the ESMA regulation? Besides, I don't see how one can claim to be using Guaranteed Stop, except by making a print screen during trade opening. Thanks
  5. Thanks for your valuable help @OfentseIG
  6. Hi I would love to find out about potential slippage during triggering stops on CFDs. If my stop price level isn't present at the market during the sudden price move against my position, will the stop be executed at the next (worse) available price or will the stop order be ignored completely? This is because I have set a market entry order at the level that wasn't executed at any price because the price 'jumped' over that level and continued up during the market opening. Thanks Davor
  7. Pls, can you resolve this situation? I have sent an email to helpdesk.uk@ig.com but the message has been blocked by the IG server. Here are the details: 550 5.4.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied. AS(201806281) [VE1EUR01FT099.eop-EUR01.prod.protection.outlook.com 2023-04-13T10:33:22.231Z 08DB3A0131C9A2FA] How can I resolve this, since it is not the first time I cannot reach the helpdesk? I am using a Gmail account in the Chrome browser Thanks
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