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  1. Stop losses and limit orders for options contracts
  2. Hi @JamesIG - thanks for the clarification, that makes sense. Hopefully final question - how much turnover takes place in terms of switching between different futures contracts? E.g. Is liquidity measured on a daily basis, and hence contracts can be switched daily? The reason I ask is I’m trying to determine whether it makes more sense to short a futures contract in contango, or short the DFB and gain from the payments made to offset the movement on rolling up the futures curve
  3. @JamesIG didn’t realise I could tag you in this, hence reposting. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  4. Hi James Thanks for your response. In the case of Soybeans, there is roughly a 6 point difference between the two front-month futures contracts, with the second month contract having a c.6 point higher price than the first month contract (using data from CME). Based on what you’ve said, the DFB should trade in this range (I.e. in this case, not exceeding 6 points above the front month contract, until the front month expiry date where it should be exactly equal to the second month contract price). However, on IG, the DFB contract is trading at around 9 points above the front month contract, contradicting this. Have I misunderstood something here, and if so, would you be able to provide more information? thanks alex
  5. Hi team Please can you clarify what the Soybean DFB tracks? Is it the spot price, or a combination of futures contracts? I’ve seen a few similar questions to this, where traders have been asking for clarity on what different DFB contracts are tracking. Is there a place where we can access this information, and if not, I would suggest this is created to provide clarity to your clients! many thanks alex
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