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  1. Hi, I seem to be asking a lot of boring questions recently! Sorry. But I notice that I had FX charges applied to my USD/JPY position overnight as normal, but nothing for the other pairs (USD/NOK, EUR/NZD and EUR/USD). Is there a reason for that? As you know there've been a few oddities in the overnight funding costs recently - all resolved during the next day - but I'm just watching in case they're a warning sign of something becoming illiquid in the market, or some change in the environment that is making trading a bit more risky. Thanks, and happy trading to everyone. Cate
  2. Thanks Chris. That's a relief! Best wishes, Cate
  3. Hi, All the trading costs overnight used to show up on my account in sterling. Last night for the first time they hadn't been converted from their home currency - so the charge for holding NZD/USD was shown in NZD, for USD/JPY was shown in Yen, etc. I wrote to Client Help about it this morning but haven't heard back. I now notice that my account balance is showing these tiny unconverted amounts. So my balance is mostly in pounds but also tiny amounts, some positive and some negative of 5 other currencies representing the overnight charges from last night. Does anyone know if this is just a blip in the system and will be corrected or if it's going to continue to be like this? It's a bit of a nightmare to keep control of - either remember to do a daily conversion of several currencies or let them build up and risk finding the rate has moved so much that what used to be a modest overnight charge has become much higher because of movements in the FX market! It feels like having to doubly trade out of every position - once the position itself and then every night for the interest that's been charged. Hope this isn't a permanent change. 🙁 Cate
  4. Hi, I download my overnight trading costs into a spreadsheet so I can monitor my cost of trading separately from any profit or loss from the trades themselves. Normally quite easy, but last night all trading costs are showing in their original currencies (NZD, JPY etc) rather than being converted to pounds. I'm really asking IG if this is going to be corrected, but posting it here in case anyone else monitors their cost and is going to have a heart attack assuming they've been charged £76 for holding a mini lot of USD/JPY overnight before they realised the cost was being reported in Yen! Happy trading to everyone! Cate
  5. I've found it! Sorry for the question! (If anyone else is worried by this, the answer is on the charts. Click on "deals" and there's now the option to "show open positions" and "show working orders".) Thanks guys. Happy trading! Cate
  6. Hi all, I use IG charts in preference to the PRT. In the last few hours they've developed a new feature - which is one of the things I dislike about PRT which is why I don't use them. My orders are being displayed on the chart with great big red squares and blue circles right on top of the current candle making it hard to see what's going on. I often have a couple of pending orders and they're creating a complete mess. Also hard to read the chart with my own lines of support and resistance, and the daily pivots, when the orders are showing as massive horizontal lines across everything. I tried to get rid of the lines and only succeeded in changing my pending orders, which was a bit alarming. Have been through the preferences and checked that I don't have "deal through charts" enabled, but can't see any way of getting back to how things were before. I hope this isn't a new permanent "feature". Horrors! Thanks, Cate
  7. Oh dear - have found the problem! Cleared the cache and the charts are back... Sorry for the fuss!
  8. My charts (old platform, free IG charts) won't load this morning either. And both Javascript and Flash are allowed, plus I've just installed the latest version of Flash in response to a message that appears from IG saying Flash not installed.
  9. Guys, does anyone know if there are plans to add this to the CFD accounts? As I understand it this is for SB only at the moment? Cate
  10. Hi @Caseynotes, I was wondering why you mention the MT4 platform specifically? I don't use it, and so just wanted to check whether I'm missing something here. I assume the margin requirement is the same as for mini contracts on the regular IG platform? (At the moment a mini contract in EUR/USD requires £296.60 margin on the standard IG CFD platform.) Thanks! Cate
  11. Hi @JamesIG, I'm just finishing preparing my account for the new margin requirements, and making sure I've got enough in the account to cover my open orders. Can I ask about GBP/USD? Ever since Brexit uncertainty started it's had a higher margin requirement. So today a mini lot requires £100 to open it (which the info tab tells me is 1%, unlike the 0.5% on other major pairs). After the weekend will it just go to 3.33% like the other majors, or will it continue to have that extra margin on top because it's risky? At the moment I'm assuming the requirement will go from £100 to roughly £333 - is that correct? Many thanks, Cate
  12. I had the same message yesterday. I had very little in my inbox (3 messages, I think) and had to delete everything before I could send another message. Cate
  13. Thanks very much, Ludwik!