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  1. cate

    New Platform

    Thanks very much, @KoketsoIG. I hadn't discovered the drop down menus - it all makes much more sense now! It's odd about the E1 contracts - it must be a new change, because I'm in the UK and I currently hold some of the E1 positions that I opened a few weeks ago. Anyway, at least now I understand what's going on. I'll try not to bother you with too many questions as I get used to the new platform! Best wishes, Cate
  2. cate

    New Platform

    Hi, I've been holding onto the old platform as long as I could, because I really don't like the new one, but now it's being decommissioned I'm trying to use the new one finally. ☹️ On the old platform I had a choice of WTI either as a 1 euro or a £1 contract, and the same for Gold. But when I search on the new platform all I get is the £1 contract as well as an absolute ton of ETFs. It doesn't even say it's the £1 version, it just calls itself "spot gold" which is a bit confusing because it looks as though you might be buying a full lot, not just a mini contract. Can anyone tell me how to find the 1 euro contracts, or are they just not available on the new platform? Many thanks, Cate
  3. Thanks very much @KoketsoIG. Hope you have a good day too!
  4. Thanks, @KoketsoIG!
  5. Hi @MongiIG or anyone else at IG, Could I check what is going on in the worked example of how the TomNextrate is defined?https://www.ig.com/uk/glossary-trading-terms/tom-next-definitionThe worked example on the IG site says "To roll your position, you wouldbe selling at 1.1378 and then buying back at 1.1380 – effectively paying 2points"However from that it then says "that the tomnext rate is 0.5/2.5".Should this not be "0.0/2.0" in this worked example?This would be consistent with the worked example shown here, for example:https://www.babypips.com/forexpedia/tom-next Just trying to get my head round this stuff so I can run my backtest! Thanks very much, Cate
  6. Thanks @AshishIG Two questions: 1. Is there anywhere IG announce that they're planning to make these changes? It would be nice to know in advance when a big change like this is coming. I had a strategy that depended on being able to trade lots of small VIX positions, so that I can keep averaging my position as spot moves. It's not a big deal this time, but I'm worried if I'm expecting to use an instrument to hedge and suddenly without warning it might become much more expensive to trade. 2. Is there any risk that IG will close out the positions I currently hold based on the old position sizes? Or does the new size limit only apply to new positions that get opened? Thanks, Cate
  7. Hi @MongIG or anyone else at IG, I'm backtesting some FX strategies. Is there anywhere I can find historic Tomnext rates so I can get an accurate picture of how my strategies would have performed including the carry costs? Many thanks, Cate
  8. I realise I should probably have tagged someone from IG when I asked this question. Maybe @MongiIG? Thanks! Cate
  9. Hi, Until yesterday, the minimum size for trading the VIX via either the Volatility Index £1 or Volatility Index 1 euro was one contract. But this morning I found the minimum size was 100 contracts. Is this a permanent change? And is there anywhere we can see in advance when these changes are being planned? Thanks, Cate
  10. Thanks @OfentseIG. I didn't want to bother you with all that. I'm not worried about what happened, just wondering if tonight was going to be the 5x since it wasn't last night. But probably safest to close things down now before Easter anyway because things can be a bit unpredictable, so I've closed out my EUR/MXN positions. Thanks again, Cate
  11. Hi @OfentseIG, Would you be able to check what is happening with EUR/MXN this week? Last night they applied only a single day of FX funding, and the night before none. I'm wondering which night the 5x rate will apply. I lifted all my other negative carry positions before 10 last night because I didn't want to be hit by the 5x charges so I don't know whether it was just EUR/MXN that was different or whether none of them did what you expected. I don't want to put everything back today and get hit with 5x interest tonight. Thanks, Cate
  12. Thanks, @OfentseIG that's very helpful. Still wondering why there was no FX interest applied to EUR/MXN last night though. Do you know?
  13. Hi @MongiIG or any one else at IG, Just a quick question. There was no overnight FX interest applied to my EUR/MXN last night, and I also noticed on gold it was for 5 days. I presume this week is a bit different because of Easter. Do you know if tonight is the usual Wednesday night 3X, and particularly what happens to the EUR/MXN this week? Normally I try to avoid having any positions open that have big negative carry on a Wednesday night but wondering when that will hit this week. Many thanks! Cate
  14. Thanks so much, @AndaIGThat's really helpful! Best wishes, Cate
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