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  1. The opening mid price for ISF this morning is being shown on the IG charts as 672.5 which appears to be incorrect compared with the official prices on the LSE. Could this be corrected please? Would be interested to know how and why this occurred. Thanks.
  2. psycho

    Christmas Rally 2018 thread WIP

    @Mercury point to note - my analysis was based on buy close 15 Dec sell close 31 Dec (or working days after/before) not for the whole month of December although in the cases when you called price action correctly early in December the gains would be greater. I don't view this as a long term trade and certainly not as a day trade. It's a medium term trade ! Carry it forward into the new year at your peril (been there done that!) The S & P data I analysed went back to 1950 of which 52 were winning and 15 losing. The risk reward ratio is lower.
  3. psycho

    Christmas Rally 2018 thread WIP

    @Caseynotes What I find most attractive is the high risk/reward ratio. And ISF even pays a dividend! You might want to look at this Having said that, it must be borne in mind that the price action right now is negative (hopefully leading to a better bounce but can't rely on that) The maximum number of years it has worked consecutively is 11 (91-01), minimum is 3 we have had 5 consecutive years so far I would welcome views as to what effect the discussion in the mainstream media is likely to have on this.
  4. Thank you for your suggestion @GavinB . Unfortunately it doesn't help as there are other drawings on the chart I want to see
  5. psycho

    Christmas Rally 2018 thread WIP

    Apologies I should have clarified the data was for the FTSE. The S & P didn't work out as well as that.
  6. psycho

    Christmas Rally 2018 thread WIP

    I've looked at the data going back to the earliest year I could find (Orwell's 1984 ) and tested buying on 15 closing on 31. Only 4 years showed a negative return and the maximum loss was 43.6 points with the minimum gain being 13.7. Still believe Santa doesn't exist?!
  7. I've noticed that drawings I make on say the 10 min interval charts appear on charts with a different interval say daily. This just clutters up the daily chart and I was wondering if there was a setting to restrict the visibility of the drawing to the chart it was made in or better still to select the interval that drawing should appear in. Thanks very much in advance.
  8. Hello, The daily chart for Unilever is showing a very large tail for today 2 Nov with a low of 3559.9. However, when I change the resolution to 15 mins to find out exactly when this occurred, there is no price at that level. Similar issue for Just Eat JE. Why is this and does it affect the calculation of price based indicators such as the MA? Thanks in advance
  9. Hello, I am thinking of making my GBP spread betting account multi currency (initially adding USD) because I feel that the charges for trading instruments priced in USD will be cheaper from a USD account than a GBP account. Is this correct? For example if I wanted to sell USD and buy GBP, would the spread bet be cheaper in a USD account or a GBP account? What about for commodities and US shares? Secondly, if I open a share dealing account for US shares (for long term stock positions), would it be cheaper to fund this in USD so there are no conversion fees? What would the commission rate be? Will it be £8 converted to USD? Will I be able to move money between my USD and GBP spread betting accounts paying the 0.3% conversion fee? Will my USD accounts be considered as assets for trades in my GBP accounts so I don't have to convert for margins or is this too complicated? Finally, I assume the spread betting account in USD will be the same as GBP from a tax point of view (i.e. no tax). If I open the share dealing account in USD, what is the maximum amount of dividends I can earn before my tax return really start to get complicated (therefore necessitating engaging an accountant the costs of which will need to be taken into account)? If there happens to be a tabular comparison that would be just great! Many thanks in advance.