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  1. To my horror, I have been told that this is no longer the case and the contract is rolled over at the current spread. I have to then wonder what the advantage of automatic rollovers are; especially considering the fact you don't even get an email reminder when the rollovers are to take place and have no idea at what price. Surely any sensible trader would take it upon him/herself to manage the rollover?
  2. The last time I discussed rollovers with IG support, I was told that it was cheaper to do an auto rollover as the spread was halved instead of manually rolling over. However, my current rollovers in the gold contract seem to have been made at the full spread. Could you please advise why? Also, how close to the futures expiry date is the next contract available to trade? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm surprised you can't look this up yourself https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/tgm/refreshTableAction.do?tab=table&plugin=1&pcode=teina225&language=en https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom_government_austerity_programme Tell that to the front line workers who have died because of lack of PPE and their surviving family members who have to pick up the pieces. They deserve far more than just a 5 minute clap every week especially considering some are being denied death benefits. Furthermore, an increase in the budget does not translate to an increase in efficacy. Nurses and health visitors, excluding nurses in GP practices, stood at 284,000 FTE, a decrease of 0.2 per cent (435) since 2016. https://digital.nhs.uk/news-and-events/latest-news/statistics-show-change-in-nhs-workforce-over-time . And all this time, the population has gone up (up 0.6% from mid-2016).
  4. I was somewhat horrified that UK's debt to GDP ratio was 49.4% in 2008 and even after the austerity endured (during which the NHS was decimated), is now 85.4% in 2019! Was there a point to austerity? I shudder to think what the ratio is going to be for 2020. If the NHS would not have been decimated by austerity, wouldn't the ratio for 2020 be better than it will now be (not to mention our preparedness for a pandemic)? Solving this problem in the same way as 08 is just going to justifiably increase social unrest.
  5. Worst week for deaths in England and Wales since records began Article states: Covid-19 outbreak is deadlier than any UK flu epidemic, official data show These documentaries are both scary and educational: The Flu That Killed 50 Million I would pay particular attention to the difference in outcomes by those authorities that did and those that did not head the warnings of public health officials.
  6. How many of them are between 18-50? Italy's death count has just breached 8,000 and that's in the space of 6 weeks!
  7. The main argument is what is more important: money or life? Money is reversible, life is not (paraphrasing Gates). Even if one feels that his/her life is worth less than the money they make, they don't have the right to take that decision for everyone else they come into contact with. South Korea is a great lesson but the last article I read stated they had a spike which they thought might be the second wave. Cultural differences also meant that their people respect authority and took seriously the government's recommendations whereas in Britain we took recommendations as suggestions. Absolutely right but we are where we are and this is the best guess way of controlling it. If India can afford to lockdown for 21 days, then so can we.
  8. Bill Gates: If I were president, this is what I would do now to fight coronavirus
  9. I got a popup suggesting I look at the futures contract where the spread is lower. I believe there are currently issues with the physical metal that is making pricing a problem
  10. Enjoy. Get me a toilet roll please! In the meantime, here's a 28 year old who survived
  11. That may be the case but I would place more weight on frontline staff who are currently having to deal with the crisis such as and the heart wrenching stories of Italian hospital staff
  12. He also said chloroquine was a treatment as a result of which people overdosed on chloroquine! I don't think medical science is his forte just because his uncle went to MIT.
  13. I am not a medic nor an expert in immunology (and never professed to be one). Numbers such as 1% or even 2% appear be beguilingly low but there are people's lives behind those number. @Caseynotes I have a lot of respect for your reading of markets but as far as this is concerned, I defer to the experts in the NHS and science who are trying to save us all. We first need to control the fatality rate and then investigate solutions. Herd immunity (which itself is an opinion not a fact as far as covid-19 is concerned) does not mean that some in the herd would not succumb to it - scientists are working with great uncertainty right now so there are no definitives only guesses. With all due respect, I'd rather not risk my life until we have more certainty. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ shows that the death rate of closed cases so far is 14% so far and of active cases 4% are critical.
  14. I concur - this is the only sound advice. This is NOT the flu. If you think only 2% death rate is an acceptable figure, imagine the condition of the 18 year old's parents on a ventilator right now. Or the wife and child of the 32 year old doctor who was punished for bringing this to the world's attention. Is it acceptable? Just because you may survive it does not mean you won't KILL someone else by giving it to them. The facts are clear if we don't stop infection rates, there is NO way the NHS will cope. The experts have told us that - WE NEED TO COMPLY. The NHS staff are at maximum risk because they are being bombarded daily with the droplets from infected people. There is no cure and even the best minds in Science are working in a high degree of uncertainty. I apologise if my language appears a bit strong but there is way too much complacency in the populous.
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