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  1. Dear IG - I am assuming there have previously been very high trading volumes on other stocks and Indices (i.e. Tesla during it's recent rise, all stocks during the March 2020 sell off due to COVID19 and MANY more in the lifetime of your platform). Why have there been no trading stops or limitations during those times, but now there are on these stocks??? What is happening with Silver? Are you also going to stop trades there? Also, your whole business model in spread-betting relies on volatility of stocks so this is just complete nonsense that you are not able to cope with the demands. There is too much inconsistency to take you serious and for your word that you are trying to service your customers - it's not adding up. I, for my conscience's sake, will not be a customer of yours anymore, once this blows over and I hope many others will do the same
  2. "GME's customer support phone line had automatic music and voice informing to hold" PRECISELY!!!! :):) HOLD GME, no matter what. Even if they try to screw us on buying, they can't force us to sell! If you hold, just don't sell - it's scaremongering. I'd rather loose the couple of thousands I've invested than succumb to this bullying
  3. I think this is about a law suit, and I do believe class-action may be the way forward on this one. I worked with a legal firm on a class-action suit re. the rail industry so I may or may not get in touch with them 😉 Keep your Diamond Hands!
  4. Screw the detailed statement, this is about damages to our wealth and freedom to trade on an open market. This is a law-suit in waiting
  5. Stopping the RIGHT to buy, but allowing the right to Sell is a clear manipulation of market. Volatility is the name of the game in financial markets and it's not like IG Group put restrictions on buying when the market was tanking during first wave COVID in March. It's a complete scam.
  6. IG Group, you are in violation of the free market and free trading and by allowing only share selling/shorting you are manipulating the market and hurting your existing customers. I will not be continuing my business of over 5 years with you unless you become a champion of the people, rather than a champion of the hedge funds. If you were so concerned about the well-being of your clients you wouldn't be offering spread betting, which is HIGHLY RISKY in the first place. 75% loose money, right? Incredible!
  7. James, it would be great if you could add a daily percentage change column option to the poirtfolio screen. I can see the overall change to my holding but not the daily view. Cheers, Steevn
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