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  1. WarrenMunger

    Missing statements

    No account statements were emailed to me on 30 January 2019. When I attempted to download the missing statements after logging into my account, the following message was displayed: "Online statements are currently unavailable. Please try again later". I have encountered this problem several times before when trying to download statements. Please could this technical error be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you.
  2. During the past couple of days, this message is often displayed when I click on "My IG" in the new platform pull down menu:
  3. I did not receive a statement for one of my CFD accounts this morning. The historical statements have also been unavailable all day. When will this be rectified please?
  4. WarrenMunger

    Platform bug

    An example of the strange price pre-market quote for 3M (MMM). Wednesday morning, 22 August:
  5. WarrenMunger

    Platform bug

    As mentioned previously, the problem arises when I have a position open in the US stock 3M (All sessions), stock symbol: MMM. Did the software team test that scenario? Before the market opens it has an unusually wide spread for a large market cap. stock. There are also occasional instances when the sell price for MMM is shown as $0.01 (it only lasts 1-2 seconds but the software error is reflected in the profit/loss total).
  6. Check that you have installed the latest version of the IG app. In Settings check that the IG Trading settings has Face ID switched on. In Settings>Face ID & Passcode, the IG Trading app should be listed. Again check that it is switched on.
  7. I have been able to log into the IG app on the iPhone using Face ID for many months.
  8. Occasionally the sell price for US Stock 3M (ticker MMM) in pre-market is mistakenly shown as $0.01, which results in incorrect losses being displayed on any open positions in the stock. Although this error only lasts for a second or two, the problem has recurred for several months.
  9. WarrenMunger

    Platform bug

    Please could you advise me when this technical error will be rectified. The total sum for my open positions is still showing incorrect arithmetic. The problem seems to occur in UK morning sessions when I have open positions in 'All Sessions' US stocks (i.e. 3M, ticker MMM). This is quite a fundamental technical problem which should be solved ASAP.
  10. WarrenMunger

    Platform bug

    This is a screenshot from the afternoon session, after the US market had opened. Assuming the $45 dollar profit converts to approximately £35, the total figure of £56.89 is incorrect.
  11. WarrenMunger

    Platform bug

    I have opened new positions this morning. Unfortunately the software bug is still persisting. As the download indicates, the total figure is incorrect. I do not know whether the problem is resolved when the US market opens.
  12. WarrenMunger

    Platform bug

    I currently only have one open position in that account, so do not know whether the addition function is still incorrect. Once I have opened more positions I will advise you if the problem is persisting..
  13. During the past few days the total figure for my current open positions is showing an incorrect sum. I have attached an example from this morning. Note that two of the open positions are in USA stocks (pre-market).
  14. WarrenMunger

    Corrupt PDF statement

    For the second time recently the CFD statement I received as an email attachment could not be opened as the file was damaged. When I went online to download the current statement, those were unavailable to be viewed. Please could you check the technical quality of the PDF statements before they are sent to customers.
  15. For many months the pre-market sell price for CFDs in 3M (MMM) temporarily shows as only 1 cent. The sell price of $0.01 is also temporarily reflected in the profit/loss of any open CFD positions currently held in the stock. Please can this long-standing software problem be resolved?