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  1. Hi, I am considering opening a Pro Real Time account. Before doing so I would like to use it as a Demo account. If I open a PRT Demo Account, do I still incur the £30 per month charge?
  2. Can you please post the swiss blue chip price
  3. This really is an unfortunate situation. It may well be just a capacity problem or other technical glitch, but the fact that I cannot find a message from IG to explain the situation is really galling and upsetting. I don't trade big and I rarely make money, but its my fun lockdown hobby and I would prefer to do that on a stable, reliable platform with clear customer service messaging when things go wrong. AM currently opening demo accounts with other regulated providers.
  4. On multiple occasions, after I have moved my stop loss towards the price to achieve breakeven or lock in some profit, the IG platform publishes the acceptance notification and then subsequently deletes the stop loss altogether... not just move it to a previously established position, but remove it all together! Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is it an known issue? Has it been raised with technical support and is there anything being done about it?
  5. Hi, Did you ever get an answer on this? I was just wondering the same thing. Something like the F12 button on Meta Trader would be good.. and so simple to implement.
  6. It's a nice way to track performance over timeframes. Saves me having to pull historical data and plot my own charts. I can think of a few ways to add features, in addition to making it available on all platforms as previously requested. How about: - Ability to compare respective periods across months, quarters and years. Sometimes a particular time of year/month/week is more performant than others... would be good to see and analyze that at a glance. - Ability to personalize by adding ones own draw down and draw up levels - Ability to click a point on the chart a jump to t
  7. The second the ECB press conference finished, and I entered my trade, suddenly the IG system stops displaying market data. Status page says everything is operational, but not for me. What is going on?
  8. The news feed on my trading views has not updated since the 24th August. Any idea how I can get it to restart?
  9. JJP


    I see your long bias is paying off this week. The news tells me that the refined copper production outlook by Rio Tinto has been cut recently. So a potential shortage of supply. Do you think this is the reason for the recent surge upwards
  10. Am just trying to better understand my performance with the trade analytics tool and was wondering how often does the tool update with closed positions?
  11. JJP


    Or maybe it is the even more special ship and inverted cup pattern.
  12. JJP


    Strangely though, I think the chart pattern is an Elliot Wave airplane chasing an inverted cup and handle. I imagine that everyone will be able to see that and will all follow it's trading expectancy, and thus a continued sideways movement will result.
  13. JJP


    Looks like a close below the up trend support, but holding above yesterdays low. For me, I will look for a close below 6227 before attempting a short, just as you also conclude.
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