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  1. Hi, there are large junks of data missing on almost every time frame on pretty much all the assets in DEMO. Is this something to do with my account or is it an IG wide problem? If the former, what can I do to reset it? If the latter, what is IG doing to fix it, and when will it be fixed? Regards, Jono
  2. I find it happens more frequently if you move a limit order through a stop. For example, If I trade with no limit order in place, and with a trailing stop loss. If I then decide to stop following with the stop, and place a limit order at target, the act of dragging the limit through the stop position, deletes the stop and it has to be reset. However, this is not the only time it happens. It appears to just happen randomly
  3. Yes, I've read that. Thank you. VWAP is anchored to the opening price and changes through out the day based on volume traded and price. It is calculated as (Volume Traded x Price)/Total Volume. Thus it should remain constant, for any particular instant, when viewed on every timeframe chart. The IG VWAP indicator does not do this. It reads, for the same instant in time, differently on every time frame. That is why I asked, "How does IG calculate its VWAP indicator. Could you please answer the question?
  4. Hi, Recently I have been trying to get to grips with the VWAP indicator. When I use it on a chart, unlike other indicators, it does not appear to have options for amending the number of periods it calculates on etc. Only options for changing appearance. Could you please let me know what settings the IG VWAP indicator uses as default, Thank you
  5. Thank you Anda for getting back to me. I totally understand that IG wraps it's spread around the exchange price in order to create market pricing for its customers. That's great. But are you suggesting that in an All Hours Market, the spread is so big it can create a candle with a range 3 to 4 times, or more, larger than the exchange range. Surely not?
  6. Although I have been trading FX for a while, I have recently started trading individual stocks and US stocks in particular. Can somebody please explain why the IG Daily candles look different to the same day candle from other market data sources. For example: IG Today on Tesla is significantly different including massively higher high and lower lows than have been achieved throughout the week and in comparison to other data sources. See images. J
  7. BTW, I very much agree that back testing and live demo testing and live small lot testing really helps to develop strategy confidence and sets mental discipline and psychology. It also helps build up the account so that you can take larger position sizes with funds from the market rather than from your bank account. I struggled for years to find a way to back test strategies as it takes a very long time to do that manually. I recently discovered FXDreema. It's a logic tool which takes a little getting used to, but there are many instructions and videos to help. You use it to build your strategy as a set of logic steps and then the tool writes it as a coded EA robot for you which you can then run in either MT4 or MT5 in the strategy tester on historical data or on live data. No coding skills required, and you can get a free MT demo account through IG. This has significantly improved my trading. I highly recommend it. You can even use fxDreema for free for limited robot sizes.
  8. I move to breakeven when I get to 1R profit and then I follow price with a 1R gap. This means that I often get breakeven and also don't often get as much as is available in the market as I can be stopped out at lower profit levels. However, I regularly get 2, 3 R and sometimes much much more. Though I suspect I am more of an intraday trader and scalper than you, and this method protects my capital for another day. One thing I have been experimenting with is following price using the Parabolic SAR. 1H works well for intraday and swing trading I find. So, for example, when you got to 6R in your trade, you could move your stop closer to the price using either a fixed distance or the PSAR (or other indicator) and then still be in a position, and a profitable one, leaving yourself with the chance for the market to go on and hit your 8R target. By the way, I think 6 R is a very good trade. Congratulations on it.
  9. Hi, I am considering opening a Pro Real Time account. Before doing so I would like to use it as a Demo account. If I open a PRT Demo Account, do I still incur the £30 per month charge?
  10. Can you please post the swiss blue chip price
  11. This really is an unfortunate situation. It may well be just a capacity problem or other technical glitch, but the fact that I cannot find a message from IG to explain the situation is really galling and upsetting. I don't trade big and I rarely make money, but its my fun lockdown hobby and I would prefer to do that on a stable, reliable platform with clear customer service messaging when things go wrong. AM currently opening demo accounts with other regulated providers.
  12. On multiple occasions, after I have moved my stop loss towards the price to achieve breakeven or lock in some profit, the IG platform publishes the acceptance notification and then subsequently deletes the stop loss altogether... not just move it to a previously established position, but remove it all together! Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is it an known issue? Has it been raised with technical support and is there anything being done about it?
  13. Hi, Did you ever get an answer on this? I was just wondering the same thing. Something like the F12 button on Meta Trader would be good.. and so simple to implement.
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