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  1. Is it possible for an admin staff to answer please or is it better if i just email the helpdesk for an answer?
  2. I am interested in using pro realtime for charting whilst trading via my ISA share account. I notice it says it costs £30 per month unless (it says in the T&C) "This is refunded if you place four or more trades a month." It does not specify the trades you have to place so I am assuming I could place four trades through my ISA share dealing account and I would be refunded the fee. IE am I right in assuming they do not have to be cfd or spread bet trades as it does not specifically say that?
  3. I have used DMA for purchasing shares in an ISA. I am surprised an administrator has not answered your question
  4. I have been trading successfully on equities for a long period of time on many platforms and would like to make the following observations: IG offering DMA is a great tool to use ( if you know how to use it) and gives IG an advantage over other brokerage sites. Therefore it is hard to understand why this is not fully exploited by providing good quality tutorial videos on understanding what is going on. I am in no doubt many more would use it if a fools guide was given on understanding it. Furthermore it would help if the buys and sells were colour coded for easy reference. Another little understood area is market maker only stocks. These tend to be aim companies and small caps which traders (including myself) have made significant gains on. SEAQ, and SETSqx stocks are quite different to other stocks and it is annoying that only limit DAY orders can be applied as opposed to good till cancelled. Also no Stop Market orders can be applied on these stocks. Although I can understand in principle that as there is no traditional order book on these it might seem impossible, I know from experience that other providers such as Iweb offer it. Does it matter? Well unless you are in front of your computer throughout the trading day then yes it does . Why? It is the only way to safeguard a drop in price catching you by surprise. Risk management is and should be the number one criteria if you want to make money. As warren Buffet said the best way to make money is not to lose money. People will ask how do auctions work? can you take advantage? Can you trade and participate. It is pointless offering DMA unless there are clear and comprehensive guides on how to use them. IG may say we are a brokerage firm supplying a product and it is not up to us to explain it all. Maybe but would you buy a TV without instructions? Another gripe is the times that I have phoned the call centre for clarification and found the individual cannot answer my question is more times than I would like. Anything slightly technical and normally its a problem. Do not get me wrong IG offer a great package with good all round offerings but It would be nice if they sometimes thought more about the customer needs like myself and were able to offer the customer an opportunity to speak to someone who could offer and understand technical clarifications regarding the platform and also offer a bit more on the areas above
  5. Charlotte, thank you for your reply. Can I just clarify that you are saying that stops do not exist on market maker stocks? I would then immagine if that is the case IWEB and XO as well as others must have a system whereby they log your stop on their system and when it is flagged up ie the price hits the stop or below then their system automatically tries to get a price and execute. I can quote an example of one trade that was a market makers trade that I had a stop loss on: This trade hit the stop. Iweb tried to get a price 3 times and could not ( due to volatility) so they phoned through to the MM and executed the trade. It is definitely possible to do. I can only quote from my own trades. I trade approximately 100 trades a month and have never in 10 years seen my portfolio be in debt. ie I have never had less money than when I originally started. The main reason for that is risk management and stop losses for me play a major part. If there was a way of doing what Iweb or others do I would be interested in bringing my business to you
  6. Hi I have an account with IG and Iweb. Currently I use iweb to trade executing on average many trades a month. The reason I stopped using IG was that it did not offer stop losses on these stocks which is not only bizarre but ridiculous. The primary reason I have made and continue to make good profits on trades is that I risk manage aggressively. A fundamental reason of that is to be able to get out of the market automatically if a price drops below a predetermined amount. All good traders use effective risk management to manage their risk and other platforms facilitate the use of stop losses on trades. So my question is how do you expect anyone to use IG if you do not offer it on market makers stocks which in many cases are Aim companies. I was told that if I phoned through I could put it on a stock. Is that true? I am interested in using it as they charge for £3 a stock for 3+ but it would only be viable if you can get out of the market ( even allowing for slippage) automatically
  7. Hi, I have noticed that on market maker stocks, i.e like Croma Security CSSG only has a tab for on quote and not exchange. So how do you put on stop loss on these type of stocks? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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