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  1. Is it possible for an admin staff to answer please or is it better if i just email the helpdesk for an answer?
  2. I am interested in using pro realtime for charting whilst trading via my ISA share account. I notice it says it costs £30 per month unless (it says in the T&C) "This is refunded if you place four or more trades a month." It does not specify the trades you have to place so I am assuming I could place four trades through my ISA share dealing account and I would be refunded the fee. IE am I right in assuming they do not have to be cfd or spread bet trades as it does not specifically say that?
  3. I have used DMA for purchasing shares in an ISA. I am surprised an administrator has not answered your question
  4. I have been trading successfully on equities for a long period of time on many platforms and would like to make the following observations: IG offering DMA is a great tool to use ( if you know how to use it) and gives IG an advantage over other brokerage sites. Therefore it is hard to understand why this is not fully exploited by providing good quality tutorial videos on understanding what is going on. I am in no doubt many more would use it if a fools guide was given on understanding it. Furthermore it would help if the buys and sells were colour coded for easy reference. Another li
  5. Charlotte, thank you for your reply. Can I just clarify that you are saying that stops do not exist on market maker stocks? I would then immagine if that is the case IWEB and XO as well as others must have a system whereby they log your stop on their system and when it is flagged up ie the price hits the stop or below then their system automatically tries to get a price and execute. I can quote an example of one trade that was a market makers trade that I had a stop loss on: This trade hit the stop. Iweb tried to get a price 3 times and could not ( due to volatility) so they phoned throug
  6. Hi I have an account with IG and Iweb. Currently I use iweb to trade executing on average many trades a month. The reason I stopped using IG was that it did not offer stop losses on these stocks which is not only bizarre but ridiculous. The primary reason I have made and continue to make good profits on trades is that I risk manage aggressively. A fundamental reason of that is to be able to get out of the market automatically if a price drops below a predetermined amount. All good traders use effective risk management to manage their risk and other platforms facilitate the use of stop losses
  7. Thank you for replying to this email, can i just clarify a couple of things please. I noticed recently that the exchange tab on market makers stocks has recently appeared when before it was not showing ( maybe a platform fault on my account?). I enclose a previous screenshot showing no exchange tab and one recently with an exchange tab showing for the same stock. Could you please explain the anomaly. Having traded MM stocks successfully in the past they remain of interest to me. Therefore can I clarify the following: Am I right in thinking that MM stocks: a: May not be filled o
  8. I am an experienced user of share dealing platforms having used TD direct, Iweb and Xo in the past. I have traded many " market makers" stocks in the past on other platforms and bought through standard limit orders and sold via limit orders as well as on quote. Furthermore I have easily been able to put stop losses in place through the platform to successfully mitigate risk. ON IG I could not see the ability to place a standard limit order on a market makers stock such as cssg or even a stop loss type order. I phoned through and was told that on market makers stocks you: A. have to phone
  9. Hi, I have noticed that on market maker stocks, i.e like Croma Security CSSG only has a tab for on quote and not exchange. So how do you put on stop loss on these type of stocks? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thank you Panda. You are right about LO on MM stock but strangely cannot place limit order of any kind not even on quote price. Attached standard dealing ticket screenshot. I know a limit buy or limit sell is available on any other platform I can think of. Surely IG offer this on any stock outside of DMA??
  11. Hi, I have tried to place a limit DMA order with a market makers stock CSSG and not able to click proceed (greyed out) during auction period or open period. This is the case with any market maker stock. Other stocks however I am able to place DMA orders and the proceed button is not greyed out, see attachment. I am trying to understand why this is the case. Are you not able to place DMA limit orders on market maker stocks? I have only just started to use DMA so any help/info would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Ricky66
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