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  1. Would be a great idea if you could set a notification to tell you when funds have cleared, instead of having to keep checking.
  2. Why is it so hard to trace the dealing of a share. I bought a share over a year ago and struggling to find all the trades. There was a Consolidation, so no average price.
  3. Why did we never receive a email about the offer from IG. I have contact the team the other day, only to be told the offer was now closed, even though IG never sent out emails to say it was open? Other companies have contacted share holders ?
  4. When ever i make a trade, the time on the statement is 1 hour later.Have queried this with support and they say is due to setting on my computer. Has Anyone else found this and why?
  5. Have been sent forms to be filled in from America. I am at a total loss and hoping someone can advice the correct way to complete
  6. Hi. Am struggling to find my way round IG. Where do i find all the information of trades prices of just one share i have bought? I use to be with HL, and you would just click on the company and it would show all the different trades i had made for just that company?
  7. Is it posible to show the total trade cost to positons page?
  8. Is there anyway to change on trading from number of shares to £'s..Want to make it permanent , as keep forgetting and trade for number of shares.
  9. Can the deal screen be auto set to be on £, rather than share quantity. Keep forgeting to change before doing trade?
  10. I have.But trying to find one more than 90 days ago.So use to just clicking the company and finding all trades.Just trying to get use to IG!
  11. Having a job to locate information on passed deals and over 90 days trades. Have been using Hargreaves? Any help would be appreciated.
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