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  1. Hi @AndaIG What would happen if the stock remains of value and the company is not in financial distress? For example if BABA on the NYSE becomes delisted. What do you mean by "replicated from our broker" and "match their bookings accordingly"? Thanks so much for your help
  2. Thanks MongilG, If I own the shares via the IG share trading account what happens to the shares then? Do I still own the shares through IG but am unable to buy or sell over the counter?
  3. Does anyone know what happens to US stocks owned through IG if they become delisted? Do I still own the stocks through the issuer (IG) but just can't sell them?
  4. Hi I've reached that exact page, it only shows my 2019 and 2020 statements, no 2021 statement. I am in Australia too.
  5. One of my open positions have disappeared form the positions tab. I had a total of 5 open positions, the number beside the positions tab says 4. There are only 4 positions displayed. However the account totals row in the bottom is behaving like the last position is still there, the total positions sum takes into account all 5 open positions, likewise with the market value and profit/loss columns.
  6. I'm having the same problem, I have tried the above solutions and it does not work. There are some very odd features about this problem 1. Flash works on all other sites that need it apart from IG on my computer 2. It does not work on chrome or edge but does work on my phone through the app 3. If I newly install flash it works, but as soon as I reboot it stops working I don't think it's an IG sever issue as it works on my phone Can any tech gurus help?
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