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  1. I have been investing in for exactly 18 months i am 27 years of age. today i wanted to see how well i have done over the past 18 months. I knew i didn't do too well as id hoped as in the beginning i brought high sold low, nevertheless i got a grip of my emotions, so today i checked my portfolio value it was up by 7% however the fees i had accrued over the past 18 months was 9% of my account value so i am minus 2% overall. can someone help me out here, what am i doing wrong? any comments would be appreciated
  2. Hi i've been investing in stocks for over a year, but my gains are eaten up but the £11 fee fee for every trade, I checked in the last year i have paid £600 in transaction fees. is there away around this or am i missing something or is it just the way it is any comments would be helpful