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  1. Yes I know those too well!! Back to square one I think for me. Thanks for the pointers again @TrendFollower and thanks @andysinclair.
  2. Apologies if this is in the wrong section.... Looking for recommendations on courses/tutoring etc to learn trading basics, I’ve been reading loads, watching numerous videos, YouTube anything and everything basically and all I’ve managed to do is lose 15k in 3 months! Unfortunately my pockets aren’t bottomless and I would like to try and start earning some of that back, I do seem to do ok then all of sudden it’s gone and back down well beyond what I started on. Any pointers as to where to look with a more interactive teaching would be very much appreciated.
  3. Price action? Now you’re getting even more involved...... more reading needed I believe.
  4. I am indeed in the SW, yes I have learnt now not to trade from my phone or on the IG platform but use PRT. If I set up trailing stops on there they then show as trailing on the IG app, but still can’t set them up on the app.
  5. @TrendFollower Maybe not but thanks for the information, my first good day trading so far.
  6. Reading some other posts from your good self I believe the just a few of the reasons I am failing at present include leaving the trend too early on a small down turn due to not leaving enough leverage for margin drops, reading too many so called experts on which way the market will go and come out too early, not setting losses at a realistic risk level or a combination of all! i have picked up on few tips (palladium, live cattle), gone in at a lower level and will stick with these till I see the trend change. thanks for all your advice @TrendFollower it is very much appreciated.
  7. UK based myself as well, using PRT I get trailing stops but using the new IG platform I don’t seem to get trailing. Strange how I can on one but not the other, haven’t had chance to test it yet as I’m still not managing to shake off my losing streak ☺️
  8. At present I’m mainly losing money on FX and commodities (Oil).
  9. Dantro

    Crude Oil (WTI)

    Yep caught me out and I certainly felt that one!
  10. I’m on spreadbetting and on the deal sheet or orders it only allows none, normal and guaranteed.
  11. Although I have this turned on it doesn’t appear to give me that option, is there something more I have to do to use this function?
  12. What sort of time scales are you using to look for trends? I have noticed that using a daily then there are a lot on an upwards trend yet when going down to say 5 min the trends are either harder to spot or are very short. or is that the answer, if you are looking to go long choose the longer period or for day trading stick to the short time scales? Also notes you would need massive funds to allow for big drops short term although in a long term uptrend.