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  1. I don’t think I am destined for the Bahamas.
  2. AndrewS


    I would not try to give advice to someone with an average holding time of 1 minute because I think anyone attempting that should not be in need of advice. I doubt I could be profitable with such a short holding time. I am profitable with an average holding time of 15 minutes but have found that it is very onerous and not optimal. At present my average holding time is about 1 hour scaling into and out of a swing trade. Any changes to money management need to be forward tested because you may not be able to implement the change in practice.
  3. Well I can only write from limited personal experience and I don’t really do this at all, not that I am advocating people fight trends. What I do in practice is identify a favoured index to go short and a favoured index to go long. Then I trade conservatively in such a way that I tend to come out ahead whether it is a range or a trend trying to capture the safe bit scaling in and out.
  4. No need to apologise. Unfortunately the challenge to defend oneself has happened in the past.
  5. Well, the OP states that there are different types of traders, and I do think a person has to find what works for them in practice. For me the “Dow & Dax” thread Caseynotes started was a bit of a gold mine. The last 30 days. There can be consistency from discretionary trading with charts. Finally the challenge was “Would you share yours? Then we can insult each other as much as we want.”, but I noticed that you skipped a step before launching into insult again…
  6. The video is on the “Trade Planning and Testing” thread where it was commented on by THT.
  7. AndrewS


    Some people do have consistency, but they are better prepared than you and dmedin.
  8. AndrewS


    Don’t you review your trades?
  9. AndrewS


    Hello, this sort of thing has happened to many of us. My suggestion is that you read this thread from the opening post onwards and review the matter. For what it is worth this is what my trading rules look like. Max Position Size AUD 1. Trade intraday primarily (unless carrying over is in the original decision) 2. Trade Retracements/ Bounces on multiple time frames 3. Favoured Time 4PM to 4AM 4. Set price alarms 5. IndiciesMainLong for trade setups 6. IndiciesMainShort for trading 7. Check 1 min chart when high velocity
  10. I have been up the last 12 hours and have scaled out of a small short on the Dax about a dozen times. When I am shaken into something it is usually FOMO, and when I am shaken out of something it is usually because the analysis of support/resistance and price action was not very good to begin with. I find it useful to keep a visual reminder on the chart in the form of price alarms and it helps in assessing the risk/return at any given price. Oh and if I my attention is on the charts then I don't have time to post here.
  11. If you look at the chart I posted, you will see 2 price alarms on the Dow for a 200 point range which it has traded during the European session.
  12. I have disclosed the way I trade many times. One of the things I refrain from doing is making off topic comments like your last post.
  13. I don’t have a problem with what you wrote, but it is off at a tangent to what I wrote and do.