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  1. Writing from limited personal experience I have found that when I agree with Lucifer it is a sign that I should stop.
  2. For me the fees are not really a consideration since I am paying a spread over and over. The real advantage of a decent win rate combined with a higher trade frequency is this. If I were putting on a trade a day with a win rate of 75% then on average I would have 5 losing days in the last 20, but with the higher trade frequency of 14 trades a day I have had no losing days in the last 20 days.
  3. The manner in which I expressed myself was influenced by the third last paragraph of this review. But I was referring to a how a writer on “Insight Therapy” may have unnecessarily alienated some readers while writing about cult-like thinking. https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/reza-aslan-historian/
  4. This may not be on topic, but I am addressing an article that has been linked here. “Finally, like religions, conspiracy theories are, at the core, about community, manifesting our most fundamental tribal impulse—the psychological need to belong, to be part of a well-defined in-group and, by extension, to recognize and fight enemy out-groups. Like religions, conspiracy theories are group phenomena, shared by communication rituals that help adherents manage emotions by, “transforming unspecific anxieties into focused fears.” As in religion, successful (enduring) conspiracy theories produce narratives that are “framed as conflicts over sacred values.” With religion, the false God is never our God. With the conspiracy theory, the menacing shadowy group is never our group. Conspiracy theories are always about ‘the other.’ As psychologist Jan-Willem van Prooijen notes: “the root of conspiracy thinking lies in our ancient instinct to divide the social world into ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ categories.” The same psychological processes that produce God for 'us,' produce conspiracy theories about 'them.'” I have a theory that people who confidently write about “the core” of religions reveal more about themselves than religion. It is a bit like a Rorschach Test.
  5. All the threads are still there for me. Do you want me to save a copy of some threads.
  6. Glad to see your posts at the Indices thread. James16 and company at the Forex Factory had the great phrase “day trading off the daily charts”. That and trading the hourly ranges is what I have been doing recently.
  7. This is a somewhat funny story. About a year ago I saw a review of an automated trading system which I downloaded from a Russian website which has hundreds of pirated systems. The trading system was simply optimized moving averages with a buy the dip strategy and retailed at over $1,000 when it was launched. Anyway the reviewer would scan a number of instruments assessing the market structure and then select those instruments where the automated system would “work”. He gave the system a four star rating because it had a 80% win rate. But the “success” of the system was entirely through the expertise of the reviewer in assessing the market structure of the instruments.
  8. Well I started off with the Boo Hoo and now I am laughing. So thank you.
  9. It is interesting that the OP describes a playbook that is unfolding in this thread.
  10. I have seen it a hundred times, but it still surprises me.
  11. I broadly agree with the OP that learning to trade is a process and there is no off/on switch. In one thread you likened chart reading to reading horoscopes, but for me it is more like reading footprints in the sand. If one footprint has sunk deeper in the sand then there is likely to have been more weight above it.
  12. I fear that my online love affair with the Nikkei may be ending.
  13. The French index dropped 0.43% between posting the first and second charts and the last daily profit figure in the trade analytics was entirely from scaling out of a long and a short on the Dax.
  14. For me multiple time frame analysis is more of a solid approach than hopping from one “indicator” to another. I am most profitable scaling in and out of a swing trade.
  15. I look at the French Index primarily for the Dax.