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  1. I don’t follow the COT, but I saw a backtest which suggested that analyzing the Dealers had the most consistency.
  2. A video and a blog post. http://theimpatienttrader.blogspot.com/2008/01/holy-grail-setup.html
  3. My, your up early. The indices have approached the middle of a trading range judging from the recent large wicks on the daily charts. This is what my current rules look like ( which are very much an individual thing. Max Position Size AUD= 1. Trade intraday primarily (unless carrying over is in the original decision) 2. Favoured Time 4PM to 4AM (Sydney Time) 3. Trade Retracements/ Bounces on multiple time frames 4. Look at IndiciesMainLong for trade setups 5. Look at IndiciesMainShort for trading
  4. Closed all the shorts waiting for a bounce and then it drops 100 points in a minute. Happens all the time.
  5. Cut it in half to recover my loss, you get the picture.
  6. Stopped out, back in. There is a yearly mid pivot and a 20 day moving average as well.
  7. Most of those were small scalps, this is more of a hope for a short swing trade, but the stop is so close I can afford to be "wrong".
  8. Daily pivot marks about 1000 points off the days low and the top of the gap.
  9. Well, since you are in a good mood, could this thread be reserved for a discussion about Indices?
  10. You probably don't remember, but you have asked me about six times in this thread about my finances.
  11. Looks like it has come full circle.
  12. I don’t know why you have the confidence to frame how others trade. In every candle there are buyers and sellers who may have a better idea of what they are doing than you and me. But this is what happens to some who have not thought well about what they are doing. They have had losses and so have decided to only trade when they see evidence that a move is underway. But they are chasing prices right into support/resistance or a point where the return/ risk and probability are low.
  13. Which is not to say I have not done all the dumb things.
  14. Since February 27 I have had 1,736 profitable trades out of 1,963 trades and am profitable on every instrument I have traded.