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  1. Welcome to the forum. Which instruments were you trading and what was the average holding time of the trades.
  2. Here is one Kafkaesque investigation which has resulted in the Lockdown King being issued by Victorian Police with two infringements valued at $200 each for breaching the state's mask mandate on both Wednesday and Thursday this week. https://www.9news.com.au/national/victoria-police-reviewing-why-premier-daniel-andrews-failed-to-wear-a-mask/6714112c-ca22-4538-8f38-57c76b8dea5f
  3. What is true is that some people in Melbourne are stir crazy. By the time Melbourne’s lockdown ends on October 26, it will have spent 267 days in lockdown since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.
  4. ““You can’t just diagnose somebody on the basis of a snap judgment,” Whitbourne said, “but you can see narcissistic qualities.” By appearing to prioritize a phone call over the state mandate, for example, the man in Whole Foods seemed to be sending a message that “I’m above those laws, I’m special, the rules don’t apply to me and I don’t care about other people,” she said.” I reckon most of those engaged in civil disobedience simply think it is nonsense.
  5. Great post! Without planning it I have sort of evolved into a mean reversion specialist on the Dax. The last 90 days on the Dax looks like this for me. Happy to reply to any questions.
  6. A newsletter on the S&P500. This guy is better than I am on turning points. https://www.fxstreet.com/author/Andre-Gratian
  7. Try to do your own homework, before posting comments which others don’t need to see.
  8. For example, he has 19 trades of winning 1$ and then loses $9.50, netting $9.50. Trade analytics is accessed through MyIG at the top left of the platform.
  9. Return rate=win rate*(profit/loss ratio +1) He is making about twice as much on his winning trades than he is losing from the losing trades.
  10. Welcome to the forum. I have posted several times about the way I trade and you can ask questions. My stats are highly distorted through hedging and scaling and at present are not really changing. Without kidding you I was looking at a 1 minute chart of the Dax at the time Caseynotes posted that chart. Perhaps you could post a link which explains some of the things on your chart or provide a short commentary.
  11. A weekly chart of the EUSTX50. I have my eye on the yearly mid-pivot.
  12. Seasons Greetings to all. My win rate continues to be at the correlation between the Dow and the Dax over the last twenty 15 minute periods.
  13. Writing from limited personal experience I have found that when I agree with Lucifer it is a sign that I should stop.
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