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  1. Approaching a yearly mid pivot.
  2. Nikkei225 rallies to December 2018 lows.
  3. Because I would not want everyone to know that the way to make you “sad” is by posting a 1 minute chart. 😇 😈
  4. I would delete it if I could.
  5. Well, I am on the scrounge for a substitute for the 1 minute chart as you can see.
  6. Trading halts and 2000 point daily ranges present challenges for any approach.
  7. I can recall several people posting 15 min charts in this thread and there are people who trade primarily off the 5 min charts.
  8. Despite your purported apropos, I am interested in how people use short term charts. I do not think I have read of anyone primarily trading off the 1 minute chart.
  9. This week for me has been like this. Return rate 1.16. Win rate 89%. 154 out of 174 trades were closed in profit. Avg hold time: winning trades 15m. Avg hold time: losing trades 2h 24m. I sort of use the chop on the 1 minute chart for a partial entry and exit within the 5 and 15 minute chart. Instead of being shaken out at a loss I tend to hedge and then close out one leg of the hedge when things become clearer. I am disadvantaged somewhat by the increased spreads resulting from the increased volatility.
  10. From another forum: “How is the hoarding of toilet tissue related to the sudden surge of Joe Biden??? Both are examples of The Bandwagon Effect:” https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/science-and-philosophy/202003/why-toilet-paper
  11. I think if you find yourself writing this sort of thing you are too tired for discretionary trading.
  12. Closed it all. The reason is because I am far better at scalping than picking significant highs or lows.
  13. I have just spent all the money I set aside for stocking up on toilet rolls on investing.
  14. After prices were out hundreds of points for hours on MT4, they have just returned to normal.
  15. The problem with buying calls or puts is that the vix mat may topped out .