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  1. I think those swings were tradeable with a reduced position size on the Nikkei which tends to respect weekly pivots during European and American trading hours.
  2. It is the Trade Balance release Sunday morning GMT.
  3. Not this week but last week, I noticed at one point the Swiss Index was moving in the exact opposite direction as the EUSTX50. So, I think that some of the things which used to take place with the currencies are now taking place in the Indices to avoid the risk of Central Bank intervention.
  4. Dmedin, for me those Heikin-Ashi candlesticks on the intraday charts obscure the actual wicks and bodies too much. They do tell an interesting story on the daily charts.
  5. For risk on/ risk off moves in some cases I reckon indices are the way to go.
  6. Caseynotes, I see what you mean about going down to the 1m charts. Small Bearish engulfing candle on the Dow and Dax on the 1hr candle.
  7. That was the Nikkei 1 hour upside down and the Dax has been in sync with it the last three weeks.
  8. pullback/retrace and rally
  9. A partial cure for bias.
  10. Well I will take a close look at how prices react to this week's and month's range. There are some interesting candlesticks and I think strong support is about 5% away for some of these indices.
  11. Caseynotes , you may be right about the news, but the drop started at 8 am Tokyo time.
  12. Hello Mercury, I follow the correlations as well. I have a quantitative reason for not following the CSI300 ( correlation too low) and the EUSTX50 (too similar to the Dax). I even have a reason to favour daily, hourly and 15 minute candles. This is what the correlations of the SPX500, JPN225 and GER30 look like over the last 24 hours of trading.
  13. I did some spring cleaning and I have three timeframes for the S&P500, Nikkei225 and Dax on my main monitor. It is partly because of this. https://www.dailyfx.com/forex/education/trading_tips/post_of_the_day/2011/03/31/How_Many_Candles_Should_be_Viewed_on_a_Chart.html Well this is what the Nikkei225 looks like with a yearly R1 pivot where the daily R1 pivot is and the Flash Manufacturing PMI in at 48.6.
  14. Caseynotes, thank you for your reply. What I meant was that it seems to me that the characteristic of the price movements seems to me to change somewhat at the end of each month and the behavior of the price movements have a different character in the next month. Perhaps I have an overly imaginative pattern recognition.