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  1. Thanks for your response, svb. It looks like my problem is indeed an allowance problem but I have been seeing the same intermittent issues as you with various waits/pauses affecting it (I found I needed 2.5 seconds to make a consistent difference). When I do historical price search from the API companion, all I get back is this: errorCode": "error.public-api.exceeded-account-historical-data-allowance. I can't see that meta data that you reference. Are you able to see this when you use the companion? Are you using a historical price request? Thanks
  2. How do you see your limits/usage? I can't see anything in the API Companion to do this?
  3. This problem persists where by you can not generate a new API key. It's been over 2 weeks now. Is anyone from IG looking into this?
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