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  1. Adding to this as well. Some stocks disappeared from a number of watchlists. When adding those stocks again, the disappear again. It seems to be related to the relevant security as some other stocks do not disappear. looking forward to a swift solution. thanks
  2. its up on my end again. I need to give IG credits of being relatively stable and getting it back up again. Interactive Brokers is up but had order transmission problems, DeGiro ist notoriously offline and others I don't and would never use exactly because of operational issues
  3. Hi, I'm also new, have been lurking here for years, so welcome Most markets are closed during the weekend, but there are weekend contracts on major indices. For crypto, it trades 24/7 like everywhere else, but there is a window form 11pm-12pm UTC on Friday where it is closed as well. Might be for maintenance of the platform. Hope this helps! Cheers, yuppie13 --- founder @ allmarkets.io
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