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  1. ah k. I do equities. I'm surprised no one has considered why this is before? Would like to understand more of the underpinnings of the non-exchange trades - who exactly are we trading with? If we consider market open trades to be 95% of the market, is this other 5% a group of other traders who are allowed to trade on the electronic platforms as we have access via ig?
  2. I'm in Australia. As far as I'm aware, the US market opens from 0030 to 0700 AEDT my time. IG allows us to trade pre and post market close to 3-5 hours before and post this time. How is this possible? I'm assuming we are not actually trading on the actual exchange at NYSE/NASDAQ during this time, and are basically trading in a smaller group of traders on the actual brokerages that IG uses, sort of like CXXT or internal trades amongst other traders using IG or IG's intermediary? - as a result I would believe there is less liquidity and once the official market opens we would have more volume in this respect. I noticed this is also only with certain shares, i.e. that All Sessions shares which I assume is due to the fact that these shares have enough trading volume during the normaly tradying day to warrant to be able to be traded pre and post market?