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  1. I wouldn't bother to be honest. There are so many 'dark trades' on the larger stocks and exchanges and everything is in 100 blocks so it's pretty much impossible to gauge anything much of use. On the smaller stocks maybe but even with the penny stocks there are always some shadowy plays.
  2. To be honest bro the chances are she will most likely lose most of that money trading like over 95% of the traders out there. Applications are based on numerous metrics, but I assume if she had $22k savings but was only making $15k per year part time it would be sort of haphazard in a way for IG to say give her a margin account. Even more, they are probably being more cautious given the amount of new accounts signing up just to buy GME or other ultra speculative plays.
  3. Seems like a fault with the trading system, cannot execute TSLA sell orders despite in day all sessions. Graph shows no trades whatsoever apart from one massive sell order in the last 30 mins.... Interactive brokers shows normal premarket trading, IG shows no trades whatsoever.
  4. I'm in Australia, so it is going to be another entity. Obviously I'm not going to go to any onbudsman first would expect them to resolve. Sounds like they don't have any idea what is happening. Their last response was a 'rebooking' is required. I explained the line of logic where: Ticker changes happen all the time, the same stock on our other 2 brokerage accounts changed instantenously. It doesn't make sense that a 'rebooking'/'/line change' needs to be done and I need to wait 7 days for this to happen. If such was the case, why was I told on 4 separate e-mails to just wait for the ticker to change and the helpdesk is working on it (4 times via email and once via phone). FYI I can't cannot do anything with the position. I'm getting the feeling that I'm being palmed off by juniors and wouldn't get a resolution until it honestly does go to the complaints department and someone senior can make a decision.
  5. 4th Phone call. Still no fix. $1600USD loss and counting. Have not been able to close the stock for over a week now. Has been pushed up to corporate as no one can help or give a straight answer. Looks like this is going to be headed to the onbudsman. This is beyond technical negligence.
  6. That is a great post and is pretty much what I have discovered in a year of day trading. I've been trading and reading up as I've gone along, about 20 books thick now. Found demo account pretty useless part from working out how the exchange fees and interest rates would cost. (I trade a mix of swing and when I feel like staying up late I DT). I'm in Australia so only first half the year works well when the day light saving times means I can start at 1130 instead of 130AM :S. It's interesting to see you've worked on the trading floor. When I first started, I met heaps of guys who worked as analysts, worked in finance, worked at goldman but none of them seemed to know much about day trading or how to do it. Day trading itself is a whole different ball game. A lot of these guys seems to loose a lot of money themselves anyway. I guess they are all trained just to do one thing and just that. We run a few businesses so I know the only real money making in this is the broker. When there's a gold rush, sell shovels. I've surprisingly made a small profit in my first year but yes, this is a full time business/job if you want to do it properly. I remember reading somewhere that this is more control of your emotions than the technical side. And I found this very much to be true. When I lost money it was the emotions getting the most of me instead of my rules and plan. I would exit positions too early on swing trades or not hold my positions long enough according to my plan. Day trading I would get too greedy and not take profits as planned. No plan, no money. *It's interesting that you mentioned the risk reward. Everywhere I read they say risk reward needs to be at least 1:2. I found this almost impossible and found just like you a 20%-30% reward was always possible. Also, to be honest, in DT/swing trading, like every business, you need lots of money to make decent money. If you're only trading with $10-20k I find it quite tiring, perhaps make $80-100k a year? That's why they say it's always easier with someone elses money, get 5% on $4 million and you're good for the year. Likewise, at largest sums, it's harder to make money, which is why firms like Renaissance eventually boot out their original investors. Lol me too. I left pharmacy after 10 years, DT is a lot of difference from the normal pharmacist mentallity.
  7. 6 e-mails latter, 2 phones calls, every e-mail saying, they are fixing the ticker, last one says call them during general session and they will give me my options. WTF. I think it sounds like everyone is working from home and the guy who knows how to fix it is on break.... Even commsec with it's crummy international portal got it done the instant the market opened.
  8. Called them twice, emailed six times, 3 days later every response is they are resolving the ticker issue. $1000 loss to far as we have been unable to close off the position. The postion is still locked at $38.24 in ERI. Unless for some insane reason our whole position was just meant to be paid out at $38.24 at the point of merger? This is all due to a technical error on their behalf. Sheer incompetence.
  9. Eldorado ERI bought Caesars CZR. On Commsec they changed the ticker for ERI to CZR automatically. On IG, my ERI shares are still stuck in CALL TO CLOSE. Have called and e-mailed IG and they said the helpdesk is still working on changing the ticker. Like, totally wtf? It's been 48 hours now and my ERI shares are still locked. Anybody else have the same problem/?
  10. hmmm yes i can probably see IG's perspective on why not to bother with L2 depth. i'm looking at theTSLA depth and time sales (yes, yes, TSLA), the things is being played like no tomorrow. pretty pointless for retail traders. nanosecond trades at $70k a pop.
  11. sorry wasn't saying you're lying, just meant they probably included the commissions in that figure which would sound about right. there just seems to be lots of safe guards in regards to information and not providing too much to new retail traders. probably a good thing tbh. it's a shame the brokerage costs are so high in australia compared with the us.
  12. lol. meh found alternative just signed up for nasdaq totalview via webull, sigh, another half monitor space. gone. normal trading commission shouldn't be part of it though. exchange fees would be about 50usd, news bezinga 30usd, broker, trading software $400usd p/m. let's say $1000 usd p/m for the most extravagent package ex broker commissions would be about $30 p/d. They're trading 40 times a day??
  13. doesn't make much sense though. they charge $15usd each trade, or $30usd for each buy sell and won't offer a $40usd p/m subscription? another line they told me when the account was first setup was that there are heaps of 'dark' trades on the US exchanges so the market depth would cause more grief than anything. cfd's wouldn't matter but with share trading when you're using depth along with candle formation it does help, at least volume on buy sell side.
  14. Hi there. I trade US shares on the IG platform (not ideal I know, unless people have other suggestions for trading US shares without a US bank account). I have L2 dealer and have subscribed to L2 info. I'm aware even with this we don't get full market depth, probably why level 2 info is only $2. Is it possible at all to pay the extra and get Nasdaq Total View which has the full market depth info?
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