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  1. GBPUSD is at a cross-road. October in the Spotlight
  2. GBPUSD finds it difficult to cross the 1.3000 level. GBPUSD September in the Spotlight
  3. The pair is within a horizontal channel. We look forward to shorting the pair. EURUSD September in the Spotlight
  4. Hi guys! See my newest chart on eurusd. 02-06 March 2020
  5. GBPUSD has been giving both bulls and bears lots of pips. I believe trading is going to happen within a rectangle. 3-7 February
  6. A cup and handle pattern might be sketched on H4 by the price. See my newest chart on eurusd. ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕
  7. EURUSD has validated the H&S pattern and dipped rather consistently, more pips to follow, but first a small retracement lurks for the first day of the week. EURUSD 27-31 January
  8. I see the pair retesting the 1.3200 area, but the bear run was really strong and intimidating :). See my newest chart on gbpusd.
  9. The pair made a 0.5 fibo retracement on the daily chat during its rally and so pushed the price in the other direction. The daily 55 EMA, however, offered support yesterday, making the price jump up and down.
  10. Thank you for your extensive and rather persuasive comment. I completely agree with you, I based my projection on USDCAD previous price action after a strong rally. It always used to make a strong retracement compared to other pairs.
  11. Does anyone here think it's a good idea to go short on USDCAD with TP at 1.3112? My H1 interactive chart
  12. There is a head and shoulders pattern that was completed on the H4/daily chart. See interactive chart here.
  13. Hi guys! I spotted a descending triangle on the GBPUSD h4/daily chart. What do you think?
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