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  1. The Percentage Spread is the spread divided by the price multiplied by 100 EG FTSE 100 1 divided by 6726 = 0.0001487 x 100 = 0.0147 which is rounded to 0015
  2. Pop up is particularly aggravating if not DANGEROUS - it appears right over the one click buy or sell button (Even when notications are closed)
  3. Whats the most efficient way to trade on Gold in sterling (not dollar)? The objective: to profit from Gold going up or standing still in dollars if the pound weakens against the dollar
  4. I was on the wrong side of this spread the last few days short 5 June - Long 3 July and in and out of the spot trying to fight the trend. Friday 17 May near close of business try to reduce the exposure by buying back 1 of the June shorts.....the system closed out all 5 contracts and rolled them over to July. I am going to be so p***ed of if June price collapses. and maybe a little grateful if the June price goes up faster than July. Nevertheless the whole point of this exercise was to benefit from any last minute spread swing - put the spread on a few days early
  5. Ah I see now- nobody seems to know. Its all just a fantasy
  6. Cannot find a definition on this site or elsewhere
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