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  1. Just tried buying some Aussies shares with my CFD account only to be disappointed that I'm being charged the usual amount. Yes I've made way more than 3 trades in the previous month to qualify. So the $0 commission on US shares and $5 min on Aussie shares only applies with the "share trading" account and not the "cfd" account? The website and advertising everywhere wasn't too clear when it was being promoted. This is really disappointing. Hope they match the CFD commissions to match "Share trading" accounts in the near future. They will get me trading way more if they do.
  2. Sorry for the double post above, I tried to edit the "Window Update" part as it was a separate thread and not OP complaining about that. I don't have any third parties being blocked. Checked and confirmed they are not being blocked.
  3. Nope you are not the only one. I've had this problem all week and I'm sick of it. Can't trade like this. I can open the charts in the NEW platform and sometimes it updates for approx 5-30 mins and then stops updating. I am constantly logging out and back in to try get it started again. I've been using Chrome for years and it's been great but this week, it's just not updating charts for long. I've done all the normal stuff we get told... delete cache/cookies, allow third party cookies etc, allow flash (not that it's needed in the new platform). Something has happened in the last we
  4. Ok just a final update from me. Today during normal trading hours, everything is working perfectly again. Temporarily changing ISPs with your phone as a hotspot or using a portable WiFi device seems to fix the issue.
  5. Today (Sunday) I've retested Chrome again after I remembered I forgot to clear cookies etc yesterday after I switched back to the Optus network. So I just cleared all the history in Chrome and charts are working again. I didn't have to clear cookies for IE or Firefox for this network-change fix to work but I did have to do it for Chrome to start working. (Clearing cookies etc in Chrome before changing networks wont help, I tried it a dozen times. You have to connect to another network and then clear everything in Chrome settings before trying to log back into IG).
  6. DAY 5 of charts not loading: Update and possible workaround or solution. I've logged in today (and every other day since) whilst still connected to the Optus network and the charts were not working for all three browsers: IE, Firefox, & Chrome. I then used my iPhone as a hotspot wifi connecting to the Vodafone network. The charts didn't load on all three browsers the first time I tried logging in. Then I decided to restart the computer whilst still connected to the iPhone/Vodafone. The Optus modem needs to be off when you restart or else it will try connect to that first.
  7. Hi thanks for replying and for escalating my issue. Yes I can confirm it's for the basic IG charts.
  8. JamesIG wrote: Hi @MrFrustrated - we haven't had any other reports of charts not working, Yep add me to the list. Charts are not working for me.
  9. and yes cleared all history, cookies, cache, and all that. Tried everything that has been suggested in other threads.
  10. There seems to be an issue with the web platform over the last 2 days for not just myself but for others on here. Believe me, I have tried everything that has been suggested in all the other threads dating back for months. I have just gone to another family member's house and used their computer and the same thing happens. When you log in, the charts are just blank. When you click the tear-out button they open and are blank. Flash works perfectly on every other site and I have an old CFD account with another provider and charts are working fine there. I have uninstalled/rei
  11. I've got the exact same issue. Charts haven't been working for 2 days now. Tried on other computer at another location and same thing. IE, Foxfire and Chrome. None work and I've tried everything suggested in the recent threads for the same issue. This is an IG Markets issue. I'll post another thread to make IG Markets wake up and listen instead of saying it's a computer issue. Something is wrong with their web platform.
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