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  1. I’ve just received an email from IG saying we can buy up to £1k Deliveroo pre IPO shares. Need to sign up for a PrimaryBid account though... never heard of them - is this legit?
  2. Is there a way of fixing an incorrect data point so that a chart is not distorted by the incorrect data? An example being Rio Tinto Plc trading on 27 July with a low of 47.8 which I assume should have been 100 times higher. The Rio candle charts are distorted due to this, to the point of being far less useful. Thanks
  3. Hi. My Trade of the Week link is not working this week. Please can you tell me how to find it again? Thanks PS it would be really good if you made this more obvious...
  4. Do you have to pay for that (after the free trial) or can you get it if you do a certain number of trades every month...?
  5. Thanks. But how do they get the colour-coded shading between indicator and signal lines...?
  6. Hi. I really enjoy the daily video Charting the Markets (Josh is by far the best). On my charts I can't get the same looking Stochastic and MACD indicators - and my Stochastic is clearly set to different inputs than the Stochastic used on CTM. What am I missing please? Thanks
  7. But is there not a way to see this whilst I'm trading in the platform...? Seems a bit cumbersome to have to go back to google... there must be a short cut from the platform?
  8. Thanks @Caseynotes. How do I get to that page from the platform though..? (Or do I need to go back to Google?)
  9. @Caseynotes thanks for bearing with me. I'm logged in to the platform where I can trade. I'm entering the market in the top left search box. But then I'm getting the chart and ability to deal. Where do i look to click..? (sorry for being a complete numpty)
  10. Thanks @CharlotteIG Another question - I recall stumbling upon a graphical summary (red/blue circles) of IG investors' long / short positions but now cannot find this. Please could you tell me how to find that?! Thanks.
  11. Hi - I'm new to IG. Been trying a little trading and enjoying the "Live" video clips on the trading platform. I missed this mornings Charting video that comes out at 10:30. Any idea how I can view "old" videos? Thanks
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