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  1. Hi Thanks. My poor internet connection in the flats where I live may be the problem. If you have the label "watch lists - my watchlists" showing at top left you go to the top right and click on the 3 dots. This allows you to edit the watchlist and select items for deletion. I don't know why I didn't see this but as I says it's probably bad signal strength. Thanks very much for your reply though. 😉
  2. I don't seem able to tidy up my watch list by removing items. Do you know how to do this? 🤔 Thanks
  3. You do not say which shares. I had a similar problem as IG quote options in the Share account that you cannot trade. When you try and set up an options account they direct you to CFDs which is not what you want. In the old days I would have bought through a second broker but now they all want fees for doing nothing so a second broker isn't feasible. Then there are US shares you cannot trade with completing a form which I find impossible to do being abroad. I would have thought doing this online with a digital system would be adequate as your ID is established already. That's more a problem with the US treasury though. The simple answer is buy something else with IG or elsewhere.
  4. I will just share this. I have returned to share trading after a long absence so due diligence guys... However I recall a situation where there was a reverse head and shoulders then the Triangle just like you see now in gold shares. Now an inverse head and shoulders signals a strong move up but I found that when it was combined with a triangle it was explosive. Is history repeating itself? I put my money into gold shares on this basis.
  5. Thanks that would explain why they are quoted on the Share account. I am out of the country just now with an unreliable phone service. I will try emailing them. I think last time they told me to open an options account. Your help is much appreciated.
  6. I cannot buy warrants on my share account. However the options account seems to only offer contracts for difference which I do not want. Opening a second account seems difficult too. Do you know how to do this?
  7. Hello I only just read this so may be you have this sorted. However when you use the trade option you are presented with BUY and SELL boxes which are actually select buttons. I am puzzled myself about some features on IG such as their coloured circles. It would be helpful if IG had a FAQ to solve these issues as it is in their interests that you trade. I would like to see wben forms being able to be completed online as IG know your details although you can only sign digitally. That's more of an issue with the US Securities oversight though. I have found customer support very helpful though. Any way don't worry about clicking the wrong box you will get a preview for you to double check your order. Then the order sits waiting either for your price to be accepted or an available agent. You can check this under the trades > options menu items.
  8. Hi I am having trouble depositing into my share account. I am abroad and this id due to Nat West rather than IG. I have deposited with IG before but their system keeps blocking me. They are what they do!
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