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  1. Hi does anyone know why this error occurs? I can open up a trade if ordertype is set to market, however recent experience has forced me to explore using a limit approach to opening positions as the IG API returns loss making opening positions that do not correspond with the streaming index values. My API trading parameters are as follows: {'epic': 'IX.D.FTSE.DAILY.IP' 'expiry': 'DFB' 'direction': 'SELL' 'size': '1' 'orderType': 'LIMIT' 'timeInForce': 'FILL_OR_KILL' 'level': '6200' 'guaranteedStop': 'fa
  2. I think Arconic Inc (ARNC) is another share ripe for the picking, though some thought needs to be given to the implication of the company split. Better to get in now or after?
  3. Anyone experiencing significant lag on streamed data from lightstreamer subscription? This is happening on both the demo and live account making trading very difficult. Currently accessing the IG API via Python.
  4. Hey all, I think the following shares are going to make some big gains: 4imprint Group plc (FOUR.L) Meggitt plc (MGGT.L) Both companies have strong balance sheets with total assets exceeding total liabilities. Current ratios approx over 1.2, and Earning Multiples under 10. As far as I can tell the drop is share price is due to COVID-19 impacting production/ sales. Btw I don't own any of these shares, but waiting for the right time to buy which I think is close. What do you guys thinks?
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