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  1. I have confirmed the fault is intermittent: it has just happened again, making trading with the API impossible (can't see the state of the account).
  2. The problem may be intermittent. Currently, the API request is returning correct, valid data.
  3. Getting account information for a demo account using the API today gives a stack of 'None' errors. It was working fine on Friday. The web access shows valid data for all the fields (there are two positions open). Here is a print of the invalid data, got via the API as has always worked fine before:
  4. Doing API trading on US 500 options, I keep running into the error MAX_AUTO_SIZE_EXCEEDED. Code on github explains this means: "The order size exceeds the instrument's maximum configured value for auto-hedging the exposure of a deal", but gives no indication where this limit can be found. It does not appear to be anywhere in the market information found by fetching market info for an EPIC using the API, despite a lot of other info being in the returned struct. So how can I find the trading limit for a US 500 options market, in order to avoid getting failed trades and an error message?
  5. This is interesting given the fatal problems observed by some of us. What markets have you been accessing, and how? Could it be that the problem is limited to the REST API? (It's what I use, for technical reasons).
  6. Yes, many new problems this week on Demo API. There was no reason for it to be switched off yesterday - it was a normal trading day in most markets. An example of the faults today is that it appears (from examples) that all of the options markets data returned have the marketStatus field set to 'CLOSED'. The daily and futures index markets also appear to be non-functional - not even any price data. This means large amounts of time lost for no good reason for those IG clients who are affected. To be frank, it is extraordinary that this sort of thing is tolerated in a company with a billion pound revenue. Is it an example of 'too big to care'?
  7. The posts here enabled me to achieve what seems to be a workaround for the problem by switching to using V2. I am not sure there is any disadvantage to this.
  8. I am not sure there is a simple way. You can do it using the API.
  9. You can download it. The problem is the limit of 10,000 datapoints per week is tiny when there are calls and puts for many strikes.
  10. As of now, the web interface appears to be working!
  11. When this happened, I thought it was deliberate deactivation of the demo account, but now I see it is probably a site bug. The buttons diverting to the live accounts would be an odd behaviour to implement deliberately, so I suppose that is a good thing! Note that trying to login to the demo account rather than using live credentials and then pressing the button for a demo account doesn't work either.
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