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  1. Hi I see that many IG retail users have requested VWAP, just curious why cannot a simple request be implemented in spreadbet and CFD? Thanks
  2. Thats me done for today then as I get the impression it won't be fixed soon
  3. As their is huge volatitity I get the impression the platform cannot deal with loads of trades at the same time
  4. If you go in the phone app it tells your balance thats something at least, rather be trading though
  5. Its annoying I had a very good trade I was about to do
  6. Tried phoning the helpdesk nobody picking up, their number is 08001953100, it might help if they have this issue on the front screen of the website!
  7. Having the same problem, my mobile app is not working also, hopefully I did not open a trade 3 times!
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