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  1. Hi Mongil, thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it. All the best for you to.
  2. Hi, do not know if this is the place to ad this comment but I am an IG customer using the ProRealTime platform which I love except for the following: Most of the charts on ProRealTime is perfect but almost all the big name stock especially the ones with (All Sessions) in brackets behind the name has a lot of tails on the Candlesticks which is completely wrong most of the time and let me to not trade those at all and also makes me sceptic with other charts with long tails on the candlesticks. WILL BE NICE IF TGHIS PROBLEM CAN BE FIXED AS I HAVE SEND NUMEROUS EMAILS REGARDING THIS- Samples: Request: I do not know if this will be possible but it would be real real nice if there can be a indicator that shows the Elliott waves on the charts. Thank you.
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