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  1. Shopify share was split on 29 June. The chart on IG has not yet been adjusted for the split. Please can you request this get adjusted. Thanks
  2. Hi there. Shares that have recently been split have not been adjusted for then split. These include Alphabet and Shopify. Interestingly, Amazon was adjusted. Please can you action these changes. Thanks
  3. The second suggestion I wish to make is to offer the choice of tabs being across the top or on the left side of the page. When I add many charts to a tab, I can't see the share name. https://prnt.sc/gxGoY1sMJnDl Thanks
  4. Hi I have 2 issues to note. The first is that many charts show the incorrect price on weekends, this making analysis complicated. The issue seems to resolve during trading hours but is very inconvenient out of trading hours. In addition, many shares show crazy price spikes, such as Walmart today. https://prnt.sc/0tFoIV5Wbdip
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