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  1. how do i fix these price spikes? And does it execute if i had an order there?
  2. yes very annoying. how do we get rid of it. i occassionally open/close trades before of its location .🤬
  3. hi, is it possible to disable this pop up yet. its quite the eye sore
  4. For 24 hour markets like the us indices, is there a way to automatically highlight the regular trading hours? eg, shade the background between certain hours? thanks
  5. Will my orders get triggered by these spikes that dont exist ? thanks
  6. Hi, Sometimes i trade bonds and was wondering if its possible to change the increments to 1/32 instead of decimals? thanks
  7. Hi, Is it possible to create limit orders on the charts [on the mobile Apps]? thanks
  8. i concur!! please to both web and app platforms. thanks!
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