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  1. How can I get get rid of trashy tweets in the platform newsfeed? One in particular 'Newsquawk' posts nothing but clickbait garbage - it's annoying - he's got to go.
  2. This is their reply on Twitter lol. In other words you can make it blacker instead of whiter! "Hi, it is a system update however you can change it by clicking on Settings > Theme > Dark"
  3. Yes you lot. I'm fed up of the constant glitches, platform display nightmares, videos that don't exist, unshaven, unkempt presenters trying vainly to be relevant with their woodchip wallpapers and dodgy home broadband connections. We all know the company is richer than God these days but come on; give your long-suffering customers some credit and give something back; also don't think people will put up with ****, sub-standard service forever.
  4. Why the all one colour business? This is really bad. The worst platform display of ANY of the online trading companies. If you insist on this crappy one colour scheme at least give us the option of having some contrasting menu bars/tabs and stop treating us like gormless guinea pigs.
  5. It's not that. The menu bars and tabs are now all one colour - white.
  6. Exactly so. So this is a new thing - not a glitch? Hardly an improvement as the whole platform is white even the menu bars.
  7. Same problem here - no way to adjust back as far as I know - someone's meddling.
  8. I use the 'light' platform setting but now all the menus and tabs are white also - I'm getting snow blind. Any ideas why?
  9. How can I get rid of this idiot Newsquawk/Ransquawk in the platform Twitter feed? It's a decent newsfeed apart from this clown who just posts clickbait ****.
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