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  1. Can I get a QR code from somewhere so that I can access the Autochartist app?
  2. Yes I see where you're coming from. When I'm taking support/resistance levels from global exchanges the difference makes it difficult to gauge stops and limits on the IG /ProRealtime system.
  3. Why is there a discrepancy between the IG DXY chart and other platforms charts. This morning IG shows a 10060 top - all the other charts show a 50 point difference.
  4. Just open a Twitter a/c, do a search and start following whichever feed you like. Reuters, Bloomberg etc etc.
  5. I use Firefox and I've opened my Twitter ac in a sidebar with my selected feeds. There's a Firefox add on which refreshes the feed whenever you want. It works fine (you wouldn't want to return to the IG feed) and you can select your own content from Twitter.
  6. Simpler to make your own Just open your Twitter a/c in a sidebar. You can choose your own content not the cr*p IG want to feed us.
  7. Anyone know if I can access the above indices on IG? Can't seem to find em..
  8. Hey good post. It takes years and big losses to make it through - I know; that's why so many fail. The money runs out before they can establish a technique/edge to put the odds in they're favour. Would you do brain surgery on someone without years of training and experience building? The same principle applies here. Don't go there if you don't have the funds and committent. Nothing but nothing can get in the way of your trading; family. friends, jobs, holidays count for nothing whilst you are learning the ropes - it takes years - there are no short cuts.
  9. Newsfeed loads but doesn't update. Any ideas please?
  10. How can I get get rid of trashy tweets in the platform newsfeed? One in particular 'Newsquawk' posts nothing but clickbait garbage - it's annoying - he's got to go.
  11. This is their reply on Twitter lol. In other words you can make it blacker instead of whiter! "Hi, it is a system update however you can change it by clicking on Settings > Theme > Dark"
  12. Yes you lot. I'm fed up of the constant glitches, platform display nightmares, videos that don't exist, unshaven, unkempt presenters trying vainly to be relevant with their woodchip wallpapers and dodgy home broadband connections. We all know the company is richer than God these days but come on; give your long-suffering customers some credit and give something back; also don't think people will put up with ****, sub-standard service forever.
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