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  1. FXCM is 0.1 point off on forex pairs vs IG's spread betting markets. It's good enough
  2. If the option is already offered to some new customers that would imply the technical ability already exists. Is it a mere matter of contract between TV and IG? If so it's a bit unfortunate.
  3. how strange. so this means the integration is live but it isn't being rolled out yet? @CharlotteIG any insights?
  4. Hello, Similar question, is this because of the FCA's recent regulation? Why would the FCA, or IG for that matter, decide which risks we can or cannot take? May as well ban retail trading altogether and only allow the common man to save at the bank for a 0.1% interest p.a., since it's the only safe option. It's also the best way to lose purchasing power against the inflation generated by the billions of GBP printed by the BoE every month, something the FCA is somehow failing to regulate. Frustratingly, crypto being the only markets open 24/7, they were ideal to trade over the weekend. This option has now been taken away - fantastic for those of us who also work a 9-5 during the week. If it is indeed an FCA thing then fair enough, not much IG can do. Though having the option to trade crypto on demo accounts would be nice still as it would at least enable testing of new strategies over the weekend. Regards
  5. You would be paying a lot of fees in overnight fees. Plus, this is assuming the S&P will move in a straight upward line. However we do know markets hardly ever do that, so what is likely to happen is some major pullbacks along the way. Since your stop losses would have to be far below your entry points to accommodate these pullbacks, the margin requirement to keep the positions open is likely to be extremely high too. And all it takes is one major pullback to hit a lot of your stop losses, causing a large amount of losses in a short amount of time. I agree that in theory it could work but given current market instability the risk seems way too high for the reward. I might be missing something though.
  6. Hello, Apologies if this is in the wrong category. I am using the CHART stream with the following parameters: EPIC: CS.D.BITCOIN.TODAY.IP Frequency: 1MINUTE Fields: 'UTM', 'OFR_OPEN', 'OFR_CLOSE', 'OFR_HIGH', 'OFR_LOW', 'BID_OPEN', 'BID_CLOSE', 'BID_HIGH', 'BID_LOW', 'CONS_END' I see two issues with the UTM field: 1. The timezone is GMT, not BST, which is incorrect (though the clock will revert to GMT tomorrow, but that's besides the point) 2. The value doesn't seem to update? Illustration below, the UTM value of the last 3 updates is identical Am I misunderstanding what UTM is supposed to do? Regards
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