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  1. hi, did you get your money or they still have not paid you?
  2. hi, did you eventually get your money??? They stole my money after I made withdrawal
  3. did you end up getting your money?
  4. you need to hold them accountable. They scam clients then frustrate clients with their responses when client is trying to follow up. They want you to let go. Don't let it go, sue them.
  5. Attached are pictures of the emails I received from IG.COM IG.COM will never allow you to make withdrawal and acknowledge it unless you have funds in your account. And the moment you withdraw and your withdrawal is successful your account balance get reduced . After receiving the first two emails, more than a week later when I am trying to follow up they say I never made withdrawal, when I show them proof of emails acknowledging withdrawal from their side I get response as per attached last email. They scammed me of my GBP300 My legal representative will be commencing li
  6. You are not alone, at least on your side they admit that they processed your withdrawal. On my side I made withdrawal and adjustment was made in my account. When I try to follow up they are saying that because of a glitch the withdrawal was never processed. They keep on lying. Next week I am starting litigation to recover my money. They are scamming the clients
  7. Hi, HELP PLEASE😪😰 I made withdrawal, I think on the 7th February 2021 if I am not mistaken, otherwise it will be the 8th February 2021. I made withdrawal of GBP300 and my account balance got reduced with GBP300 after couple of minutes. Afterward I took my money then bought my current positions. I received email as per attached screenshot, they needed to convert the money into Rands first. Now they are telling me that they cannot see that withdrawal and if i want to make withdrawal I will have to see my current positions. GBP300 has already been deducted from my account.
  8. Hi, when you make withdrawal the balance get reduced immediately right? So now they are saying they cannot trace the withdrawal request. My balance got reduced with GBP300 after I made the withdrawal, but now they want to tell me that it has disappeared in the air.
  9. I made a withdrawal last week, I eventually received email saying IG is going to convert the funds into Rands before transfering it to my bank account then they said it will take about 5 days. I wanted to buy medication for my father so I planned well in advance. Until today I have not received the money, when I email them I get whole different stories others don't even read email with understanding. They keep on telling me to verify the amount and whether I want to withdraw via card or bank account. I chose this on the day of withdrawal and the money went off from my online bank a
  10. hello guys, I am having a nightmare. It has been a week since I have withdrawn money now they are giving me a run around. They are running their business like a ponzi scheme
  11. it is everyone, very terrible, no wonder most clients lose money. This is very terrible and this comes across as unprofessional. How can a big broker as this keep having these ancient problems> I feel like I am about to have a heart attack.
  12. I have been trying to buy this high performing stock but IG is failing me big time. What is it with this stock that you are block us? If it does not tell me that the stock is only available through stockbroking, it tell me Limited Risk trading is not available on this market at this time. So disappointing. Ne Limited Risk trading is not available on this market at this time
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