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  1. @OfentseIG Thank you. That is really helpful.
  2. Hi, About Trailing Stops , I check the documentation and when opening the trade a trailing stop can be set , but can a existing position which has a stop be modified to have a trailing stop ? Pete
  3. Hi Jonathan, Thanks for the reply. Its opening my mind into shares. I am fairly new investing in Shares, Hence it was not clear why did i receive £17.10? So just to understand it right, its not 57 pence per share ? how did you get the figure of 0.0057 ? Regards Pete
  4. Hi, I hold 3000 shares of lloyds and a dividend payment was received. I wanted to understand how is the amount calculated. Shares: 3000 Dividend Announced: 0.57p per share. Would it be 3000 x 0.57 ? Or there is another way to calculate the final amount. Pete
  5. Hey, I am unable to see my positions on chart. I have to click in the left menu to see positions which covers the chart are. Is there not a feature where the positions are displayed on the cart for quick closing the positions ? I am using Google chrome browser on Ubuntu 20
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