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  1. So what is IG going to do about the fact that it crashed for an hour during the rapid events, and GME shares worth $400 couldn't be sold (in fact, it seems a huge number couldn't even log in successfully) until they had hit $200. Taking risks on a stock is one thing. But when the platform goes completely dark, is that just a gamble that's our fault as well? And if it's not our fault, then does the company who's responsible get to share in the losses they're responsible for?
  2. Hi, I assume I'm not alone in having experienced some disastrous site crashes today (in fact looking at the forums I can see there are a number of people in the same boat). Like it or not the GME event was a very significant event, both for the 'little guy' retail investors who took part and the corporate giants who were the real big hitters in it all. When a trading site who is holding positions for you goes into complete meltdown you're literally losing money every second and stuck completely helpless as you watch hundreds/thousands of dollars slip by because the stupid site keeps
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