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  1. I think I managed to figure it out and resolve this issue. Previously (for years) I used to always send a body along with the request Even if the body was empty. This doesn’t seem to be a stable solution any longer for unknown reasons, (first detected 2022-07-04). That’s also, I believe, why the ‘position/otc’ – POST would work, because it would send a non-empty body (as required).
  2. This week the API has been very shaky for me. The REST-API login, handshake for retrieving CST and X-SECURITY-TOKEN tokens and the STREAMING API subscribing all work pretty decent. However, other REST-API calls, e.g. 'positions', 'prices', 'watchlists', most of the time return a connection error: Concurrent calls, say 1 in 50, returns an OK response. Concurrent = call, get connection broken response, wait, same call again, i.e. without any new logout / login routines. I've tried with both live and demo account. Same behavior. Funny enough, 'positions/otc' seem to work most of the time. Anyone know what's up?
  3. Repo seems gone!? I've also started a python project on Ig Api, when I saw your post I was def hoping on gaining some more knowledge or collaboration. Here's my repo. https://github.com/nickcamel/IgApi
  4. I've started a project on github that should get you going until I further develop it. https://github.com/nickcamel/IgApi
  5. Information is really scarce regarding python. I'm working on it right now... I've basically made a fancier and easier interface than this. Will put up a repo in github soon. hopefully
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