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  1. Smart Portfolio is fine and more transparent relatively. But churning rate is very very high and Blackrock makes money from buy and sell spread.I wish this was included or shown separately. i am wandering what IG also makes from high churning ??
  2. I am with Hargreaves HL and very happy and very good platform
  3. I had somewhat similar scenario but dormant account for a period for personal reasons. They kept imposing fees. Help desk were not very helpful and each time new trainee replying my email, Promised some refund perhaps to shut the client off. Refund never materialised after a promise. Given up and fed up. I would say they lack in ethics.
  4. This is like supermarket Buy one get one free or buy 3 for price of 2 . IG should simplify fees and this is outdated way and from experience I have always avoided or move away from such companies-though not many just a handful now left. I would trade when it suits me and when necessary not by threat of fees from platform.
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    You are not the only one. I have given up. You send an email and your question is evaded by a junior like Prime Ministers Question Time. They took all my deposit in expenses and various people argued and offered some compensation or refund and finally nothing was returned as per their email till balance was ZERO.
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