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  1. Hi @CharlotteIG, sorry, I forgot to link you into the reply above. If you could kindly add the ticker it would be much appreciated. I can also obtain the professional designation if necessary. Many thanks!
  2. Hi Charlotte, Thank you for your message, I am planning to hold this in my SIPP actually and I believe it should be SIPP eligible. If you could kindly go ahead and add it to the platform it would be much appreciated. Unfortunately no U/EU equivalent seems to exist currently. Thank you.
  3. Dear @CharlotteIG, Could you kindly add Horizon Kinetics Inflation Beneficiaries ETF ("NYSE:INFL") in order for it to be tradable in SIPP/ISAs/Share Dealing? The CUSIP is 53656F623, the ISIN is US53656F6236. Many thanks!
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