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Customise Stochastic and KDJ indicators on charts



On the back of recent client feedback you can now customise the Stochastic and KDJ indicator levels on IG charts. Once you have added either of these indicators (which you can do by right clicking > indicator > stochastic) simply click the label in the bottom left of the chart and the option window will appear. You should be able to amend the Overbought and Oversold levels here along with some other variable to customise further. 

2019-05-15 13_50_38-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.png


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Is there any documentation to show how the numbers of KDJ shown on IG chart are calculated?

Thank you.

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I would be interested in something similar, I like the KDJ line in IG chart and would like to replicate it in prorealtime, I tried to fiddle with prorealtime setting but I does not seem to be able to do that. 


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Old thread, but thought I'd answer it in case anyone else comes looking.

In ProRealTime you can grab the Stochastic (Example 6) from the indicator library and either duplicate or edit it.

Then just add the 'J' calculation as you might find with a quick Google - but note that if you want it like IG's version then do it in reverse like follows:

lineJ = 3 * lineD - 2 * lineK

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