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Keyboard shortcuts for chart intervals (and future crosshair data)



2019-07-17 09_50_50-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.pngIf you like to change between different intervals on the IG desktop charts (from 1 minute candlesticks to 5 or 10 minute candles, or to hours, days or months) then we've just made it easier with keyboard shortcuts. Whilst on a chart you can type any number from 1 to 5 on your keyboard to bring up a small 'interval' dialogue box, confirm your choice, and hit enter. For example:

1 minute intervals: type 1 then enter
5 minute intervals: type 5 then enter
1 hour intervals: type 1 h then enter
2 hour intervals: type 2 h then enter
1 week intervals: type 1 w then enter

See crosshair data on future dates

You can now place your cursor/crosshair on a future date and see the level and time/date where you are positioned. Whilst this is a very minor update which could be seen as a trivial feature, it can  become quite handy if you're looking at a trend and want to know exact levels and the time they will be reached. Simply position your cursor in the future and you’ll see the corresponding information straight away.

If you have any questions or feedback on this, please feel free to share in the Comment section below. 

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Thank you for the crosshair data on future dates. It is a very helpful feature that was missing on the IG platform and is in no ay trivial for me. However, I would like to request an enhancement to this feature. Would it be possible to select future bars by using the left and right cursor keys? That way it will be even quicker and precise than using the mouse.

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Awesome new feature with the shortcut for the Time Frequencies. Thank you !

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